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Angrily Yours

I had this whole post written about how I’m not usually an angry person, but that flying the friendly skies (Notice how rarely you hear that phrase anymore? Yeah, there’s a reason.) gets the ire pumping through my veins like almost nothing else.

The post sat in draft status for a day, leaving me with plenty of time to think about it. I started contemplating all the other things that make me angry. The list got long. Then longer. Huh. Maybe I’m angrier than I thought I was.

Obviously, I get mad at all the normal shit: hypocrites, racism, homophobes, our government’s inability to get anything done in a timely fashion unless it’s to their benefit and the detriment of the general public. But really, it’s the little things that get me. Little things such as:

  • People who don’t control their pungent flatulence on airplanes. I understand that one fart you didn’t think would smell, but really it did and now you’re just hoping the odor dissipates quickly so no one knows it was you. It’s when you’re crop dusting me in a seated position and I am required to stay in my seat that I really start to get pissed off. They have these things called “bathrooms” at the front and rear of the plane, asshole. Use them.
  • Poor locker room etiquette. I can’t speak for men here, but there are some pretty disgusting ladies out there who need to realize the locker room is a public space. That means refraining from pumicing your feet next to me and rubbing your naked vajayjay against the sink. Honestly, how did you grow up that you think that type of behavior is acceptable in shared areas?
  • In that same vein, the nasty, funky, sweaty people who don’t wipe off their gym equipment. With all due respect, I don’t want to press up against your still-warm bodily fluids because you’re too lazy to get a towel.
  • Incidents like this (which isn’t such a little thing).
  • Poor driving skills. It’s simple: use your turn signal, make sure your brake lights work, get off the phone, do the speed limit and stay out of the left lane unless you’re passing someone. It’s not rocket science.
  • Paying by personal check at the grocery store. IT’S CALLED A DEBIT CARD. Use it and you might not get your ass kicked in the parking lot.
  • Finding out via a Facebook status update that a friend IRL got engaged, is having a baby or has filed for divorce. Maybe we’re not really friends after all since I didn’t even warrant a personal phone call or e-mail? You tell me.
  • Microsoft. Need I say more?
  • When groups of people decide to dominate the sidewalk by walking four across so no one can pass them. Bonus when their speed is the rate of a toddler’s.
  • The lack of greeting card options for people with non-nuclear families. I wrote about this the other day. Check out my rant here.
  • Medical personnel who don’t knock on exam room doors before entering. That’s just plain bad manners regardless of who owns or leases the building. My mom always knocked on my bedroom door (even if she didn’t wait for a response before barging in).
  • The fact that automobile drivers are required to wear seatbelts, but motorcycle drivers in Illinois aren’t even required to wear helmets. It doesn’t make any sense which leads me to believe these policies are more about money than safety.
  • City dwellers who either don’t know or don’t care how to comport themselves on public transportation. Move all the way in, don’t block the doors and get your junk off open seats during rush hour. Also, if you can find it in your heart, refrain from throwing chicken bones and used condoms on the floor, and try to urinate and defecate somewhere outside of the train or bus.

Yes, it would appear I’m a bit angry at all the stupid little injustices in the world. The thing about anger, though, is that I don’t believe it’s always such a deadly sin – or a sin at all – if it’s channeled the right way. Anger can be the impetus to speak up, to change the fucked up things we see happening in our own lives and the world around us. I think that as long as I remain generally kind and respectful, I’m OK with being angry, too.

8 responses to “Angrily Yours”

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  2. Avatar hannah78 says:

    “When groups of people decide to dominate the sidewalk by walking four across so no one can pass them. Bonus when their speed is the rate of a toddler’s. ”
    That bugs me too! Also I hate people who park their car right in front of the grocery store/pharmacy/mall and put on their four way lights because they’re too lazy to park their car in the parking lot and walk to the store like the rest of us!

  3. Avatar lee lee says:

    what i like so much about “the little things” we all get angry at is the fact that we’re all pissing off other people; it’s what makes the world go ’round. you may hate all of these things, but somewhere out there someone is hating all the little things you do that–obviously–don’t bother you in the last bit! truly, i love this about {us}.

  4. emmyem7 emmyem7 says:

    OMG. You might be my long-lost bff & we should be sitting around bitching about these things over cocktails or cheese or something. Seriously, I was like “yes, yes, yes…..”.
    As for the walking in a line thing……
    Upon moving to Boston, I realized this is a more regular phenomenon here more than any other place I’ve lived. First idea was to run through two of the offenders & scream “i won, bitches! red rover red rover emily came over!!!”. But figured that might get me hit or in the clink. Then, while running (literally) home one day through Brookline I thought…you know, these people are just ignorant. They just don’t understand one of the most basic lessons taught in physics. so it’s just a simple equation…..let’s say that my mass is 50 & yours is 100, however i’m traveling at 6 units, whereas you are only at 2….by a simple calculation 50×6=300 & 100×2=200, I WIN, now move the fuck out of my way haven’t you ever heard of single-file lines?!. (please note that i understand that i’m not a vector & that energy isn’t traveling in a straight line but for all intents & purposes, this works)

  5. Avatar Helen says:

    I especially agree with the one about the motorcycle helmets. How am I supposed to convince my kid that wearing a helmet is necessary on a bike when so many motorcyclists ride by without a single bit of protection on their heads? And how stupid is that, anyway? Aren’t you just asking for trouble?

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