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The Greatest Sins: Having Fun and Feeling Powerful

We have a lot to cover and very little time to do so. It took me all weekend–dodging Gawd’s fierce, evil, burning glares–to find this little corner of darkness from which to deliver this message to you. Gather ’round my fire and listen to this holiday sermon of joy and delight. The most beautiful power is the power to actively enjoy…..everything.

If any of this indicates to you that I believe in God or that I do not believe in Gawd, then you, my friends, have made a ridiculous assumption. If by some trick of your mind this collection of letters and words leads you to believe that I am a follower of Satan, lucifer, or any other fallen angel, this too is a lie originating in your own mind. If this post leads you to believe anything…..

This post is a tribute to two of my fallen teachers, Christopher S. Hyatt, and the cause of my arising, the woman from between whose legs I emerged nearly 32 years ago, whose birthday fell on 11.23.1953. Thanks to Dr. Hyatt for teaching me the powers of laughter and sin, and to my mother for committing the original sin out of which I grew like a lotus grows from mud. Peace be upon both of them….

Gawd hates us. Let us celebrate!

Each of the 7 deadly sins act as Gawd’s weapons against his creations. By these weapons, Gawd achieves his goal of keeping his people asleep, unaware, and — {{unable}} — to focus and concentrate enough attention ((read: A-Tension)) to achieve their own goals.

The 7 deadly sins find more accurate description as the 7 Holy Compasses. With these compasses, one may track, stalk, and claim as one’s own Gawd’s immense powers. With deliberate and active joy as a shield, laughter as a helmet, and happiness as your suit of armor, Gawd and his minions have no power over thee.

Fear not, children, for in your happiness and play, Gawd has no power over thee.

Let none of you believe that you will not face hardship, strife, and death. Instead, know that by cultivating a deep and abiding joy, concentrated awareness, and a constant search for and admiration of beauty, thou shalt free thyself from the bonds of the Lord. Gawd shall have no more power over thee. You may even find that “God” was just a word to describe the safety deposit box where you stored your immense power for safekeeping until you were ready to claim and use it.

Now, let us begin. The 7 Holy Compasses which lead to the tree of everlasting life:


Lust is blind. It leaps easily from one object or person to another, and another, and another. Lust makes invisible the blessings already present in one’s life and leads to dissipation and distraction. Eternal damnation in this case resembles a dog chasing its tail forever without ceasing, having mistaken it for a beautiful bitch.

So many gorgeous men and women, so many alluring, luxurious objects dancing around in malls and in my brain, so many roles, careers, and suburban homes to lull me into a lifetime of sleepy stasis… after all of these have I lusted.  Lust marks a craving for something, usually something sexual. What does sex symbolize? Connection. Union. Sensual pleasure. Gawd punishes those who act on lust with a bolt of guilt and shame.

Lust is Gawd’s way of deflecting his followers from discovering the joys of the body. Masturbation is a powerful weapon against Gawd in this battle. Using your own body to bring yourself joy makes Gawd very angry. Try putting your own finger in your ass while masturbating and you may experience something of Gawd’s attempt to punish you. Some of you may have felt the presence of Gawd after just imagining yourself putting your finger or thumb into your ass. If you have the belief that you are an athiest but still feel squeamish about putting one part of your body into another part, you will benefit from asking yourself where those voices of discomfort hail from.

Remember that children have no aversion to asses, genitals, shit, piss, or masturbation….:::::…..before they undergo potty training.

If Gawd is hovering over you right now–you can sense his presence in the form of guilt or discomfort–you can banish him with the weapon of laughter. Take a moment now, stand up, and laugh your ass off. For real. If you have not stood up and laughed, please do so, or the rest of this article will not make sense. Did you laugh? If not, why not?

Masturbation can dissipate the power of lust and reveal the organic desires beneath it. Once your true desires are revealed, the choice is yours to satisfy them or not. Choice in this case means freedom to take actions in accordance with your own will and to not take actions that detract, distract, and weaken your will. Lust shall have no power over you forevermore.

Having discovered the roots of lust in oneself, one may recognize its possession over others. This possession, once recognized, provides a means to direct others to act toward the achievement of your goals. Some call this business. Others call it collaboration. How can you use the power of lust to your advantage? How have others done this with you? I look forward to reading your comments and/or any hate mail from Gawd by way of his followers.


I have devoured books and information with the zeal of a pothead taking down a pile cookies and sweets. This mouth has devoured an overabundance of food until my belly was bloated the same way an internet junkie might suck up light from a computer screen for countless hours upon hours. Gluttony numbs the human brain so that Gawd may take possession of it and use it as his own. Whether bloated by information, food, or mind numbing activity, Gawd loves when his creatures fall into a waking stupor. Their minds are then easily filled with Gawd’s directives in the form of advertising, suggestion, and myriad forms of dogma for the taking.

Use the Holy Compass of Gluttony to identify the source of your desire for more. Gawd doesn’t want you to have more. He also, paradoxically, wants you to believe you are not enough and that you will never have enough. To defeat Gawd at his own game, notice in yourself the desire to consume endlessly. The Holy Compass of Gluttony reveals energy and ambition that can fuel a devotion to your own empowerment and joy. When the realization that you have had enough arises in your mind accompanied by the desire to consume more, know that Gawd is attempting to put your brain to sleep.

How many more books must I read before I achieve satiety? How much more food can I stuff into my guts before I feel satisfied? Concentrated attention allows Gawd’s creatures to harness the power of gluttony and turn it toward the happy pursuit of their own goals. How may gluttony in others be directed toward more glorious and empowering ends? The CEOs of fast food companies understand fully the power of gluttony.


Many people abhor anger. Some even shrink from it in fear when it explodes around or within them. Give a loud, angry shout in a public place and watch peoples’ reactions. Gawd enjoys anger. It keeps his people wildly striking out at each other, blind to the original source behind the anger. Anger arises in response to fear and the frustration of one’s efforts. The Holy Compass of anger can lead you on a path toward your deepest desires.

Anger arises when one’s goals are stymied by external circumstances or the perceived actions of other people. When one learns to sit silently with anger or to express it in empowering ways, it can reveal the obstacles in one’s way. Gawd wants you to keep the anger inside you, and to keep blaming it on everyone and everything outside of you. That way, you can spend your time complaining about how other people and situations are the cause of your failure. Gawd loves people who complain. It reminds him of the power he exerts over his creatures and prevents them from stealing power from Him.

Next time you feel overwhelmed with anger, grab a pillow and scream or yell into it as loud as you can. Do this five or six times, remembering to take a few breaths between each scream. Punch or kick a mattress a few times to dissipate some of the explosive energy of the anger. Having done this, sit still with yourself for a few minutes. Trace the anger back to its true source in your own mind. Identify some ways to get closer to what you want, without wasting time on blame.

Better yet, take a moment to enjoy the ferocity and power of anger, and choose to dedicate it to the achievement of your goals.


I waited until the last minute to submit this article to demonstrate the power of sloth. Gawd loves to see his people engaging in sloth. Sloth and gluttony result in nice, plump, sleepy cattle-humans for Gawd to eat when the rapture comes. My, what a feast Gawd has prepared for himself in America…

The Holy Compass of sloth can lead you right out of Gawd’s slimy grip and deliver you into the throne from which you live a life of your own choosing….a life of power and joy. Remember, Gawd hates power and joy. He can’t stand the smell of his people having real fun. To avoid his terrible punishments, follow the compass of sloth to discover the things in your life you continue to pursue half-heartedly.

Find your way to everything your parents and your schooling taught you to pursue. Whenever the desire for sloth overrides the excitement of living a beautiful life, you can be sure you have wandered down a different path than your own. Use the Compass of sloth to find your way back to what excites, enthuses, and empowers you. Gawd knows what he truly loves. Since he made you in his image, you know what you truly love as well. Where sloth is not, true excitement you will find.


Greed is Gawd’s way of keeping satisfaction just out of people’s reach. No matter how much a person amasses, there is never quite enough. More, more, more, more, more–that is Gawd’s way. He wants more and more people for his big dinner party at the end of the world. Greed allows Gawd to keep people chasing after things they never really decided for themselves to want. He again uses his people in the advertising, marketing, and PR departments to help inspire greed among his creation.

Use the Holy Compass of Greed to realize you can never have enough, because you already are enough. Greed results from the deep fear that there is not now, and there will never be, enough. When you notice greed, give something of yours away. By giving something away, you will communicate to yourself that you have more than enough. This way, you may find yourself feeling more and more powerful and joyous, thereby dodging Gawd’s wrath and stealing his powers for yourself. Greed never results in satisfaction. Find satisfaction in yourself and turn others’ greed into a source of power.


Envy inspires a person to chase after things that seem to bring happiness to the person envied………This distracts Gawd’s people from seeking out what they truly want for themselves. Again, they remain confused and sleepy slaves of Gawd’s will instead of their own. Use the Holy Compass of envy to find your way back to your own path. When Gawd fills your heart with envy and jealousy, attempt to find comfort and satisfaction in yourself, as you find yourself in that very moment.

Tell Gawd you don’t want or need the things he dangles before your eyes. If you find yourself pursuing objects, people, and situations out of envy, stop. Take a moment to identify the envy. From what has it arisen? Envy is Gawd’s way of telling you that you can never have what you want, and that you will never be as good as those whom you envy. No matter how much you attain out of envy, it will never be enough. Someone else will always appear to have/do/be more than you. This is Gawd’s way of swindling you out of the joy and power that are yours alone.

Pursue what brings you real joy and real power. Leave the envy behind.


Power and joy have no need of pride. When you accomplish something with excitement, enthuiasm, and love, the work itself acts as the reward. Your experiences can deliver greater value to you than the way you think about and interpret them. Remember this fact.

Gawd enjoys using pride to get his people to think they are better than one another. Gawd delights in wars and skirmishes. Pride helps him to get more of what he wants from his people. Gawd feeds on the blood of his creatures. He instills them with a smug sense of pride and gets them to do his bidding to eliminate the other lesser prideful people.

The Holy Compass of pride reveals a diversion from the quest for joy and power. An expression of pride can betray an underlying desire for recognition and acknowledgment. How much recognition and acknowledgment is enough? Gawd never has enough recognition and acknowledgment. Look at what Gawd does to people who forget to constantly acknowledge and worship them! By their guilt and shame, Gawd binds them forever to a life of distraction, dissipation, and slow living death.

When you desire acknowledgment, recognition, or approval, accept the desire, and acknowledge, recognize, and approve of yourself. Attempt to understand that the desire for acknowledgment, approval, and recognition can never find satisfaction. Use the Compass of pride to identify what you really want, which is likely a silent inner awareness of power and joy. Next, do everything in your power to attain this inner awareness. Be sure to celebrate every single inch you make on your way there.

A Secret Weapon Against Gawd:

Fully and Deeply Accept Everything About Yourself.

Gawd is the image of the way things should be, as opposed to the way things are. His 7 deadly weapons keep his creatures asleep and unable to know and experience themselves as the source of all joy, power, and beauty….

I find it alternately hilarious and sorrowful that humans have forgotten that their own brains and imaginations created Gawd, and have enslaved themselves to their own creation under the delusion that they were created by it.

Humans need no longer suffer the hell created for them by the Gawd they created. It was just a silly game of make believe, after all. You created Gawd. Then he made you believe that he created you. It was all downhill from there. Look at what his devout worshippers do to each other on a daily basis around his Holy Globe.

Stop using Gawd as an excuse to feel bad about yourself.

Have fun, enjoy yourself, and gather up as much joy and power as you can muster. Gawd will hate you for it, but you will have no need of Gawd when you have the everlasting peace that comes with true joy and power.

May each of us attain self-acceptance and the most joyous and truly powerful lives possible, and may Gawd finally leave us alone to do as we will.



8 responses to “The Greatest Sins: Having Fun and Feeling Powerful”

  1. Avatar j says:

    No, really… excellent writing and marvelous metaphor; 7 holy compasses! love it!
    Cheers G!

  2. Avatar Garrett Daun says:

    Ah, thanks much, James. I wonder how many people will actually make their way through this whole article…….

  3. Avatar John says:

    It’s like an atheist’s handbook, I’m not sure if this was your intention, but, regardless, I salute you, sir!

  4. Avatar llxt says:

    “Whenever the desire for sloth overrides the excitement of living a beautiful life, you can be sure you have wandered down a different path than your own.” Really a beautiful sentiment, and so true…there’s always {at least} one thing you say that hits so close to where I’m at. I guess that’s why you’re good at what you do…! 🙂

  5. Avatar llxt says:

    and by the way, i think blasphemy is probably the greatest sin being committed here. cheers!

  6. Avatar Garrett says:

    Wow! I love the comments, Joe and Lee lee. Thanks so much. I never know what lines, what expressions will leap out at people….I just enjoy the writing and see where it goes from there.
    Yeah, I might use this piece and rework it a bit for a li’l pamphlet or something. Awesome comment, Joe! An athiest’s handbook…I love it!
    Also, yeah, I love to blaspheme, especially since there is no one to blaspheme against but myself….

  7. Avatar Jay Quaile says:

    Duane….”ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT”…your “True” light shines through…probably one of the best articles that I have read “Ever”….I don’t think that I have could written it any other way…
    I laughed quite a few time…and am still laughing…lol…

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