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Do OR Die

1. luxuria (extravagance)
2. gula (gluttony)
3. avaritia (avarice/greed)
4. acedia (acedia/discouragement)
5. ira (wrath)
6. invidia (envy)
7. superbia (pride)
What I like most about the “seven deadly sins” is the DEADLY part. Ooo, I want to take part in anything that sounds that heavenly. You mean I can imbibe in something SO sinful – which to an ex-Catholic just means something that makes you feel SO good – that it kills me? Is this like “death by chocolate” and how exactly do I obtain that? These pleasures don’t kill, come on. That’s the Catholic Man beatin’ you down!
synesthesia-brainCase-in-point: Masturbation. Catholics claim a man’s seed was not meant to go anywhere but up the lady’s ga-ga. I think that was the actual terminology Sister Patricia used. But like any sexual activity, it actually releases serotonin, the feel-good chemical, in your brain. We’re WIRED to enjoy certain sensations. I’ve read eating chocolate gives people a similar, but lower-dose feel-good chemical sensation. We all know about Alpha males in the animal world and how the human world reflects that as well. There’s insects and plant life that can actually change sexes or take on the appearance of a different sex to attract a same-sex mate. The way humans are wired simply reflects the natural world. These aren’t sins, Mr. Pope. Can I call you Mr. Pope? And they certainly aren’t deadly – else we’d all be dead. (yeah, yeah, it’s our SOULS that die, I get it.)
Whether gluttonous, greedy, extravagant, or other, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, go enjoy yourself. Sins make me feel alive:
– eating so much that my pants don’t fit -and I haven’t even left the table (ok, as long as you LIVE with exercise, too)
– wanting “it” (whatever that is) so badly you can taste it (ooo, is that like synesthesia? Trippy. Pass me the Moody Blues.)
– wearing over-priced lingerie that makes me feel girlier than I really am (but makes the hubs. feel oh-so-manly)
– daydreaming of revenge against my boss, of secret sex with my friend’s husband, of demonstrating more wit than I actually do
The list goes on. Hell, I even like writing the list, not to mention experiencing it. I’m evil and a heathen. We’re all death-defying sinners.

2 responses to “Do OR Die”

  1. Avatar llxt says:

    I think it should be a sin to call a Penis or Vagina anything other than a Penis or Vagina!

  2. Avatar The Incapable Wrecked-Um says:

    If “Ga-Ga” is really the proper Catholic term for the vagina, I can see now why they were my first words as a baby. I guess baby talk isn’t all that baby after all.

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