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*Chris Severance makes his living selling inherited assets. He fits a classic ADHD, INTP, dually diagnosed, narcissist profile. His wife and two children will be fortunate to escape unscathed. He has dabbled in and seriously considered the following for vocation, avocation, obsession or hobby: landscaping, herb farming, filmmaking, fishing, inventing, drinking, growing dope, private investigation, philosophy, teaching, day trading, forex trading, skiing, snowboarding, rabbit farming, earthworm farming, dirt farming, commercial composting, ocean kayaking, surfing, computer technician, geocaching, fitness training, marathons, general crime, triathlons, novel writing, screenwriting, home improvement, mechanical arts, welding, modeling, garbology, sailing, windsurfing, acting, being a kept man, scuba diving, vegetable gardening, craft services, catering, Tibetan Buddhism, meth, motivational speaking (picture Matt Foley living in a van down by the river), winning Powerball, recovery, blogging, research, law school, yoga, pilates and running for office. He retired from growing cranberries at age 32 when he was passed over for the big promotion for lack of a college degree. Chris now attends university full time and appreciates the character building associated with jail cell confinement. He can look the part but acting is out. No feelings were harmed in the making of this bio.

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