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The Seven Crudely Drawn Sins of Thanksgiving


9 responses to “The Seven Crudely Drawn Sins of Thanksgiving”

  1. Avatar llxt says:

    Hilarious, MattyB! And a great way to start the Thanksgiving day…

  2. Avatar tee says:

    CRYING WITH LAUGHTER at the office… we printed it – and put it up – you crazy American’s celebrating Thanksgiving a month too late… Although – I wish I was shopping tomorrow!! Anyone wanna accept my shipment of online purchases, and bring ’em across the border? ROFL.
    Happy Thanksgiving All!!

  3. Ha! Fuckin’ great, Matty. I wish you would create similar SDS cartoons for each of the major holidays.

  4. emmy em emmy em says:

    Holy god. LOLing.
    Poor Mr. Whiskers.
    Happy Thanksgiving e’erbody!

  5. kfrayz kfrayz says:

    Just another reason why this Thanksgiving I will be giving all my thanks for MattyB…AGAIN…CHEERS…YOU SASSY DAME…

  6. Avatar angelatav says:

    Wow! He’s really givin’ it to that turkey!
    So fantastic.

  7. Jason Jason says:

    At this point I sort of feel like the guy in 1649 who said, “You know, Hamlet is a really amazing play, y’all,” but what the hell: What a work of glory and joy. Looking forward to your end of December view of things.

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