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I am a fan of sinning (see picture).  I live for sin.  I believe wholeheartedly in embracing the seven deadly sins.  When used in moderation, they are beautiful!  I guess being an atheist makes it easier to sin.  I fear no god or gods.  I live for myself.

  1. Lust – Lust is indeed a fabulous sin.  I am, and always have been, guilty of it.  Lust is enjoyable.  It is an unbridled emotion.  Too many people choose frigidity over lust.  They do not know what they are missing.  Let go, and let it overtake you once in awhile, you will feel amazing after.  I bet more people would be happier if they did.  Everyone feels it, but some punish themselves for it.
  2. Greed – Of course I am greedy.  I want things, and I will always want things.  If it was not for greed, this world would not be as advanced as it is.  Greed makes the world go round.  It forces us to create goals so that we have more money, more cars, and a bigger house.  It is the motivation behind working 60 hours a week rather than 40.
  3. Pride – Pride gets a bad rap.  People confuse it with conceit, but for many it means having self-confidence.  I rather be proud than self-loathing.  It boosts our confidence, it makes us feel like we are on top of the world.  If we taught our kids pride, they might not feel inferior to others.
  4. Gluttony – Yup, I’m fat, and I love it.  Okay, so being overly fat is unhealthy, and I know that.  But, I enjoy food.  I mean, I really enjoy it, and I will not starve myself to fit an ideal that is almost always impossible to meet.  It is good to savor food, to enjoy every morsel.  To be a little chubby is worth the experience.
  5. Envy – Who has never been envious at one time or another?  No one.  We always think we want something more than what we have.  We often wonder why this person won the lottery, but not us.  Why do some people have all the luck and others do not?  I ask myself this all the time.  I do get envious, but what it does is make me evaluate my life, my needs, and my wants.  It also makes me realize the things I do have.
  6. Sloth – Generally associated with laziness, sloth is not always a bad thing.  In a world where we rush from one appointment or errand to the next, a little laziness is in order.  Stress leads to heart attacks, strokes, depression, and several other medical conditions.
  7. Wrath – I truly believe if someone crosses you, they deserve your wrath.  In a world where people think of no one but themselves, it is important to stand up for yourself.  Being passive should be a sin, not wrath.  At times, it is proper to use wrath to make a statement.  NEVER let anyone walk all over you, or take advantage of you.  If they try, unleash your wrath on them!

Sin, in moderation, is wonderful.  It sets you free, it allows you to enjoy life, it can make each day just a little bit better.  Why fight it?  You know you want to sin.  You want to feel the freedom that comes with it.  As long as you are in control, what harm can it do?

2 responses to “SINcerely….”

  1. emmy em emmy em says:

    Sin is in. To show respect to gluttony, I shall now finish the other half of the enormous serrano ham, manchego cheese, tomato grilled sandwich concoction that is so lovely & delicious.

  2. Avatar llxt says:

    Everything in Moderation! Yes!!! I just never realized everything included sin! you have freed me…

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