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If you notice me, then will you smile back?
If you give me a second chance, then I know you like me.
If you say that you love me, then you will be the first.
If I leave you, then you will stay by my side.
If I am far away, then you will hold it against me.
If you make demands, then I will hesitate.
If you act immature, then I will walk away.
If I disappear, then will you leave me alone?
If I look scruffy, then you will think I am interesting.
If we start having feelings for each other, then you will get scared.
If I am patient, then you will choose to be with me.
If you leave, then I will stay by your side.
If you are not true, then you will lose my trust.
If you push me away, then I will not fight you.
If you are not honest, then I will banish you.
If you are not remorseful, then you can’t be in my life.
If I am kind to you, then you will still belong to another.
If you are abandoned, then you will look my way.
If you give me a sign, then I will take a chance.
If I become too much, then you will run away.
If I try to find you, then you will throw me off your trail.
If you decide to come back through the door, then I will forgive you.
If you try to protect me, then you are only protecting yourself.
If you continue to make poor choices, then I won’t be around to witness your destruction.
If I see you from afar, then you will see me too.
If I step out of my comfort zone, then you will make me feel at ease.
If we become friends, then you will see me differently.
If you tell me about your life, then I will get cold feet.
If we take that chance, then it will be as good as I feared.
If we take things slow, then we will avoid consuming each other.
If you decide to leave, then I might have to let you go.
If I have learned my lessons, then will you be unlike all the others?

One response to “Conditions”

  1. Avatar KFrayz says:

    I love this piece.
    Seriously wonderful.
    Can we please mandate this as required paperwork in all dating and/or romantic agreements?

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