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Thank You, and then some…

For the last post of the first issue in our SECOND YEAR, I thought it fitting to cut the bullshit and throw y’all some love.  SPOILER ALERT: lee lee is about to get sentimental.
There’s a lot to be learned from a venture like 30POV.  It is nothing like what I expected and everything I wanted–I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted! (ha ha)  And while I take sole (read: proprietary) credit for the idea, I can–no, MUST–say that this site would be nothing without all of you.
p.s. As much as I owe the guest writers, and my former writers, a BIG HUG and, probably, a million bucks or so, I’m going to focus this gratitudefest on my “regulars.”  But…know that you are loved.
Wrecked-Um, wow.  How on earth I lived the first 32 years of my life without knowing the fuckedupedness that is you remains a mystery to me.  You make me laugh, {practically} every day.  Despite knowing more about your body parts than I do my own, I love reading your pabulum.
Lindi, “mad men” mama, welcome back!  Among other things, you taught me a valuable lesson this past year: don’t write if you don’t have anything to say.
To my dear and delicious Jay-Jo-Layree. I can’t say it enough. I owe you my {writing} life.  Everytime I need confidence, you show up.  Most importantly, every time I need to be put in my place, you show up.  I didn’t think you could teach me anything else (I mean, isn’t there a limit to the lessons one can pass on to another???), but this past year you’ve reminded me that being a Terrific Writer is way more important than being punctual.  Even though you live in Slynn City, I count you as an honorary resident of lee lee land.
Kail–Jesus, man.  You can write.  You so often interpret the theme that way I would, that I sometimes think we’re soulmates. Then, I realize you do a better job of actually writing out the interpretation (that usually stays in my head)–a necessary, though evil, step!  Damn you for this. Love you for this.
To Myself… Reminder: sarcasm is where it’s at.  And, I love you.
An, you deserve gratitude simply for having to follow after my silly posts.  Also, I now know the {metaphorical} power of fishing, an important life lesson.
My soul sistuh, EmmyEm.  Work. It. Girl.  Over the past year, you’ve shown me how to pick up, move on and then write about it, hilariously.  Me = Envious.  Also, many thanks for keeping my g-chat alive.  Technology in friendship is so often underrated.
Disperse/McKnight/Loveofmylife/Da-da Duck — I both love and hate that you are the most revered writer on MY website.  Actually, I only love it, being that I’m the prez of yer fan club.  Parenting, writing, holding down a steady job in which they actually respect you… Is there anything you can’t do?  Your writing, as well as your committment to perfection (even when the clock is ticking…) has really shown me the power of an idea brough to fruition (<— not a euphamism, promise).  And even though I’m often crankier than thou, I love working together, mostly because I’m the boss.
Christina-the-history-God.  Next to my mother, you’re the only person who has made history interesting to me.  I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the world’s first murdered harlot.
Dear Labtech Goddess, Canada needed some redeeming in my eyes.  You’ve done that and more.  You are the sultriest writer I can stand to read.  So, spanks; I mean, thanks.
BOB!  My long lost and long-distanced BFF.  Thank you for giving me the other side of the debate, the side which I didn’t really care about until I started reading your pieces.  This almost makes up for the time you stuck us with that huge bar tab that you were Solely Responsible for accruing.
Jumpstreet, how glad I am that you’ve joined us.  You’re showing me how to {write} in the moment–something I desperately need, not to mention a Valuable point of view on this site.
Owen–  You fit in to this site magically, from the first piece you wrote on.  At the same time, you bring something entirely new.  I admire your meticulous writing, and I thank you for inspiring me to get back to Hemingway.
I confess, Pual, that I know very little about you.  But any friend of Bob’s is a friend of mine.  I imagine that this time next year, I will be thanking you for writing 12 gloriously as-fabulous pieces as the one you started with.
e.c. {…} where are you? Thank you for exposing me to the underbelly of philosophy, in all its multi-faceted glory.  Come back, {we} miss you.
FENT. Outside of the recipe for “disaster” that is your bio, everything you’ve written has, in some way, influenced me to re-think, re-examine, and re-attest to what I believe.  Antagonism couldn’t be better than your posts.
DimpinD… I will never forgive you for not attending the party, yet I continue to <3 everything you write.  You’ve made me a better editor–the best gift of all.
Rosie dear, thanks for reminding me (yet again) that the entire world does not view parenthood as Normal or Expected or even Something We All Have To Do.  You’re the other half of my brain, so I guess I have to be thankful that you’re even alive.
Mr. P-to-the-oopoopachu.  Thank you for waking this site the fuck up.  You’ve taught me that hilarity and fury are not opposites.  Thank you for consistently proving that being thirty-something is the best place to be.
To my ex-BF Jack Wild, I’ll always l-u-v you, even when you DISAPPEAR.  Your writing is a force to be reckoned with.  Thank you for saying out loud what most of us only feel.
LTL.  Voted “most likely to succeed”!  Thank you for bringing a dose of raw honesty to the site, for being you and making us accept it.  You’ve reminded me that there are consequences for putting your money where your mouth is, but you followed that right up with so what!?! It’s worth it.
To the one and only K-Frayz.  Man, I’m glad you’re in your 30’s.  What would {we} be without you?  Thank you for always being ready to brainstorm; for not ever letting me off the hook; and for transcending the limits of friendship, both “on” and offline.
Tailor– First, congrats on the proposal thing. Secondly, thank you for being the writer who does what I ask, and then some.  Every group needs someone to keep things steady, and I can’t think of a better person to do that here than you.
MattyB, Thanks for being the first writer to sign up for my site, and {pre} thank you for being the last to leave. ha ha.  Your humor, whether written or drawn, is 30POV’s secret weapon.  What can we give you in return?
And, finally.  Last, but not least.  Sammmmmmmmm.   Thank you for being a fellow “hip” nerdy English teacher, and for showing me how lovely a {simple} little essay can be.  You are more than just the yin to Wrecked-Um’s yang; you’re the site’s Muse.  Don’t ever fly away.
Well, it’s hard to say all of that without sounding dopey, pathetic or cliche.  But I had to say it.  Now go forth, and Write.  Or I won’t have anythign to say next year…
LOVE. -lee lee

4 responses to “Thank You, and then some…”

  1. Jason Jason says:

    This is magical! When you sign a piece "love," it's clear you mean it.

  2. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Also, I haven't proposed just yet. Need a job first.

  3. Avatar ironiciconic says:

    It's like getting a kewl certificate to hang on my fridge! Gold Star!!! You made me blush lee lee. Thanks for this wonderful site . . .

  4. llxt llxt says:

    No one sucks; we're just different–you and I. 🙂

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