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IF More People Thought Like Me, THEN…..

  • The issue regarding the proposed “ground zero” mosque would not be an issue at all.  I fully support the rights of those building the mosque.  Would people be fighting so hard against a church?  Doubtful.  The misconceptions of Islam are something many find easier to equate as being the same as terrorism.  Killers come in all religions, especially Christianity.  If people are so concerned about the landmark status of the former Burlington Coat Factory building, why is only now that something is being done about it?
  • They would not repost ignorant Facebook comments without being knowledgeable about what they are reposting.  For example, the most recent one regarding the above mentioned mosque is all about how they are going to have the grand opening on 9/11/11.  This is false, yet people choose to repost it without actually verifying facts.  Earlier there was a rumor going around Facebook about the cancellation of the National Day of Prayer.  Facebook rumors abound, and people seem to think just because a friend posted it, it is the truth.  You are just escalating the problem, and feeding people with false information.  It scares me that people are not willing to do a little research before saying something that potent.
  • More people would join the National Marriage Boycott.  Gay marriage would be a decision made between two people, not the government.  I do not see how ANYONE can dictate what constitutes a marriage between two (or more, yes I said more) consenting adults.  That is for the individual to decide.  For the most part, marriage between a man and a woman is a religious ideal, not necessarily a lawful one.
  • Health insurance would be available to ALL people on disability, at no or low cost.  It is sad that a person who worked his or her entire life, ends up disabled and cannot get health insurance without paying hundreds of dollars a month.  Yet, if you are a lifer on welfare and never paid income tax in your life, you get Medicaid for nothing.  While the people who TRULY need health insurance, cannot get any.  If you gave disabled people the health insurance they so desperately need, many could return to work, pay back into the system, and boost the economy by purchasing things they cannot currently afford.
  • Rudeness would be non-existent.  My biggest pet peeve is being mistreated by people in the service industry.  Yes, your day may suck, but that does not mean you need to add to the misery of my day.  As someone who currently works part-time as a cashier, I have not ONCE been rude to anyone regardless of any headache, depression, or stress I feel at that moment.  Yet, in return, I have been treated badly on many occasions.  One of my coworkers was helping a customer with some paperwork, and indicated that the customer would have to fix a certain section that was filled-in incorrectly, to which the customer replied, “If you were less anal, you would not be so chubby.”  Who insults someone like that with no cause?
  • Everyone would be beer snobs, and businesses like Budweiser would have to either step their game up or go out of business.  How can anyone prefer that crap to a wonderful, flavorful, micro-brews manufactured by companies like Haverhill Brewery???  It is a sad sad world when I hear a friend tell me how they cannot drink Sam Adams because it is too dark.  Those sad pitiful beers, like Coors, have conditioned our young people to like tasteless, watered-down, crap.  It pains me they will never get to experience the pleasure of McSorley’s.

Alas, most people do not think like me.  Perhaps it is a good thing.  However, I do hope I am not alone in my sentiments.  There is way too much in this world that passes us by without anyone giving it any thought, some of more importance (Gay Marriage) than others (Beer Preference).  IF more people took the time to become involved and learn, THEN this world would be a much different place (or so I hope).

3 responses to “IF More People Thought Like Me, THEN…..”

  1. Christina Christina says:

    Arrogant Bastard is good. It was one of the beers I chose on my last beer shopping trip.

  2. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Some excellent points.

  3. Avatar disperse says:

    "ignorant Facebook comments" or, to put it simply, "Facebook comments".

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