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Alphabetical Summer

I’ve had what I feel safe describing as one hell of a summer.

If you read my last post, you know that I’m getting  a divorce and living on a dairy farm. That would be enough, but amazingly, that’s just been part of my wild adventure over the last four months. Because we’re all “out of the office,” here is a shorthand account of all I’ve learned.

A dragonfly’s stance is of a perfect shape for it to stand on your finger, and when one sits there, it becomes clear how much dragonflies look like Basset Hounds.

Bass guitar is much easier to play than regular guitar, but it still gives you blisters.

Catching loose cows can and often does involve what looks like a lasso; that cowboy shit is for real.

Divorce is the end of a lot of things, but not the end of everything.

Eating lunch out exactly once a week is a luxury that never gets old.

Four wheel drive is just as fun on sand as it is on snow.

Gardening is is 10% planting, 90% weeding and waiting.

Hollandaise sauce is delicious because it’s made of egg yolks, butter, and Tabasco.

I can adapt to more things than I thought I could.

Jack Daniels, Peach Schnapps, and Sprite = yum!

Kites want to get off the ground badly enough in some cases to take their handlers with them.

Lilacs Smell best from the back of a motorcycle.

More than anything, I just want to make someone happy.

Nailclippers are no scarier than tiny scissors.

Open mic nights are great places to make friends.

Potatopotatopotatopotato: the sound a Harley makes.

Quiet can be hard to come by when you decide to have an exciting life; it’s an interesting trade.

Ramen noodle salad: who knew?

Schnauzers can make it with only one full-time parent (and a little help from Aunties, Uncles, and Grandmommies).

Till of a sailboat, how to operate (sort of).

Use earplugs; they make all live music experiences more enjoyable.

Vetting potential homes as a single person is actually harder than doing it with a spouse; compromises generate flexibility, and you don’t have to compromise with yourself.

Weddings are more fun if you’re in the band.

eXes can be friends; it’s possible.

Yes, I can cut a guy’s hair without making him look like this.

Zippers can be sewn into dresses that it would otherwise take a seam ripper to get on and off.

10 responses to “Alphabetical Summer”

  1. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Sounds like you had a fun summer, dear. 🙂

  2. Mr_Poopoopachu Mr_Poopoopachu says:

    I think I have to send my mother to Sue & Chad's dairy farm to get her head straight. Do they offer an all-inclusive spa package?

    • Sam Sam says:

      Poops, honestly, that's what this summer has been about: getting my head straight. I couldn't have asked for a better place to do it.

  3. Sam Sam says:

    I know…I'm obsessed! I have my own helmet now… 🙂 And yes, the "Georgia Peach" cocktail is a win/win/win…

  4. Avatar Star says:

    Makes me think I should write my own list 🙂 Look at all you've learned this summer 🙂

  5. Avatar disperse says:

    Ditto to all this. I'll never listen to a Harley the same way again.

  6. Avatar stacyparkeraab says:

    Loved this. Like Star wrote, a reminder of how much fun lists can be…

  7. Sam Sam says:

    Lee Lee, I was always really, really bad at parallelism…I can barely spell it. And I'm a writing teacher. Wah wah wah…

  8. Sam Sam says:

    Ty Cobb…hahaha…

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