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Check check, is this thing on?

>Read from the bottom up.<

On 8/20/10 07:42:06 AM, “The Brain” <the.brain@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
Dick!  Not now.  ::ugh::  Heart, maybe you have a point.  We’ll see you in a couple of weeks.
On 8/20/10 07:42:07 AM, “The Dick” <the.dick@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
…and if she sucks it?
On 8/20/10 07:42:07 AM, “The Heart” <the.heart@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
Brain, no.  I’m sorry, but I need a break from you right now.
Love always,
On 8/20/10 07:42:06 AM, “The Dick” <the.dick@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
…and if she waxes?
On 8/20/10 07:42:06 AM, “The Brain” <the.brain@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
You’re being ridiculous.  She might have been “the one”!  Your job is to commit us, so Dick and I can run some recon.  We need you back on the job immediately.  Stop this nonsense.
When I get off this train in a few minutes, I expect you on board with the next woman that catches our eye.
On 8/20/10 07:42:05 AM, “The Heart” <the.heart@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
Hello Brain,
I’m sorry, but I’m long overdue for a break from all your irresponsible, hurtful wild goose chases. You’re constantly asking me to fall for woman after woman. Sometimes a dozen times a day! I WON’T BE USED! I can’t. …not right now.
I will continue to do my part in sustaining your life, but that is all you’ll get from me while I take a vacation from your careless thoughts.
Love always,
On 8/20/10 07:42:05 AM, “The Dick” <the.dick@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
Brain, don’t forget…and what her undies look like?
~ D
On 8/20/10 07:42:04 AM, “The Brain” <the.brain@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
Heart – Are you for real?  What is this?
On 8/20/10 07:42:03 AM, AUTOMATED RESPONSE “The Heart” <the.heart@mrpoopoopachu.info> wrote:
**                                OUT OF THE OFFICE                                **

The original message was received at Fri, 20 Aug 2010 07:42:03 AM -0400
from The Brain
Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office returning on Tuesday, September 7, following the Labor Day holiday.
I will respond to your message as soon as possible.
Love always,
The Heart
—– Original Message —–
From: “The Brain <the.brain@mrpoopoopachu.info>
To: “The Heart” <the.heart@mrpoopoopachu.info>
Cc: “The Dick” <the.dick@mrpoopoopachu.info>
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 07:42:02 AM
Subject: Check check, is this thing on?

Hey, Heart, is everything alright this morning?  We just saw a gorgeous woman on the train platform, I sent you some vibes, but I didn’t feel anything back from you.  Usually with women like her, we become fixated for five minutes, wondering what her voice sounds like…what her hair smells like? …but this morning, nothing.
I think we should love her.
BTW, Dick was on board.  (As always, nice work, pal!)
~ Brain

7 responses to “Check check, is this thing on?”

  1. Avatar WreckedUm says:

    Clever! Dick's always on board.

  2. Avatar Darla says:

    I hope you intercept a Brain, Heart and Pussy email tree. That would be far more complex, dontchathink?

  3. Jason Jason says:

    Sensational, sir. What a great format.

  4. Avatar disperse says:


  5. Avatar The Tailor says:


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