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If you are reading this, I have officially turned thirty.

“Thirty huh? You freaking out yet?”

If I had a nickle for every time this question had been posed to me in the past thirty days, well then, I would have a shit ton of nickles.

No.  The simple act of turning thirty is not causing me to freak out, have a breakdown, require hospitalization, and/or binge drinking {okay that last one might not be true}.

I attribute my lack of panic, to living my life without regret. Regret is and will forever be a crime I wish to never commit.

Of course, at times in my twenties I have made some questionable decisions, engaged in risky behaviours, ended relationships, jobs, and had a few, let us just say “gloomy days”.  Each one of these experiences has made me the somewhat knowledgeable, somewhat slightly well adjusted, thirty year old I am {officially} today.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines regret as a transitive verb, meaning “to be sorry for”. The word “sorry” presumes the requirement of an apology.  I stand firm in the belief that I owe no one, and no thing an apology.

An acknowledgment of gratitude however is in order.

I often fail to truly tell those in my life closest to me how important their presence, influence, support and love has been to me.  Without this, I would not have seen my thirtieth year.

So, Mum, Brian, Lee Lee, Henri, Mark, Brian W., and Jeff thank you for everything you have given me in the past thirty years, and thank you for getting me here. I love you all, and my small crime is I never, in fact, tell you that I do.

One response to “If you are reading this, I have officially turned thirty.”

  1. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Welcome to the club. 🙂

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