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A Perpetual Process of Waking Up -or- Piss Yourself In Laughter

I used to obsess over the concept of liberation. I read all kinds of books and put myself in all kinds of situations that allowed me to fight for my so-called freedom from all kinds of forces and authorities. I believed that all of these police, governments, and corporations had a hand in helping to bring about some kind eco-apocalypse in which the ecosystems of the planet collapse and leave everyone and everything dead on the surface of Urth.

I read a lot of books by Vine DeLoria Jr. In one of those books, I read a quote that astonished me in such a permanent and shocking manner that it has remained a guiding light in my life ever since that moment.

“If there were any serious concern about liberation we would see thousands of people simply walk away from the vast economic, political, and intellectual machine we call Western civilization and refuse to be enticed to participate in it any longer. Liberation is not a difficult task when one no longer finds value in a set of institutions or beliefs.” – Vine DeLoria Jr.

Now, I bet some of you thought that the above quote was the one I referred to earlier. I assure you, that was not the quote I referred to. I found that one underlined in my book while looking for the really profound quote I will share with you later on during our time here together.

First, a few words about awakening. In this article, awakening will be used to describe a process of deepening your awareness of everything going on around you and within you. We can share in a little awakening now. Imagine that you just woke up from a deep sleep. Take a look around the room you find yourself in. Take a moment to –->sense and feel<– all that you now experience in your body and mind. By doing this often, you will discover so much power and beauty in you and around you…Wow!

Back to the quote I promised you a bit earlier:

“Liberation, in its most fundamental sense, requires a rejection of everything we have ever been taught and its replacement by only those things we have experienced as having value.”

Take a few minutes to ponder on that point. Let it plant itself deep in the soil of your mind. Water it, watch it bloom, and enjoy the most delicious fruits you will ever taste. After following the light of liberation for many long years, I discovered a secret. I don’t know if it means anything to other people. I don’t know if the true insight comes from the quest itself or if it can actually come across in words and text.

What I want to say here is to enjoy everything that ever happens in your life. How can it be that we take so much for granted and get so blinded by disappointment over things not working out how we planned that we completely forget about the real beauty and power flowing all around us and within us. Have you ever felt uncomfortable? I have. It feels like anything from a slight annoyance and a wrinkling of my brow to a full on tempest in my guts and chest. Discomfort sends waves of powerful sensations through my body and mind.

If I decide to, if it suits my fancy, I take some delight in experiencing the power behind the discomfort. It lets me know I have invested a lot of attention in some aspect of my life. Sinking into the experience of discomfort has the effect of draining the power from it. Instead of focusing on what I thought was the source or cause of my discomfort, I acknowledge my own power and beauty instead.

After replacing the radiator in my car a week ago, I noticed a few more leaks I could not get to. In my memories, something like this would have really angered me and gotten me down. Now, I relished in the powerful reaction my body had to the event. Within moments, I grinned and laughed with delight at how beautiful and powerful it feels to be alive, to be me.

In my quest for liberation I have developed a healthy respect for power and beauty. Looking up close at life, or sometimes looking at things from above, or far away, can reveal the innate beauty in almost every situation. I said almost every, but that was for effect. I really mean every situation. Of course, it seems to require a stout mind and a focused awareness to be able to actually enjoy everything that happens in life. It seems almost forbidden in some way, as though social pressures or cultures require some quota of misery…..hence the usefulness of seeking liberation.

What if you realized just now that this is all a dream. This blog post you are reading is really a creation of your own mind. The meaning you have assigned it is nothing but an illusion. The words and letters are simply toys for you are unconscious to much that is happening around you and within you even now to play with and enjoy like a little kid on the beach. Does it really all have to make so much fucking sense?

Take another moment to feel your body. Get a deep sense of the mysteries of just sitting there being alive. YOU CAME OUT OF A WOMAN’S VAGINA INTO THIS CRAZY WORLD! (or so you were told) and now, I bet you complain when things don’t always work out how you want them to. Damn! It’s a miracle that life exists at all and you got a front row seat in that fabulous and beautiful body of yours! Take a long hard looktastelistenfeelsmell of all the wonder, texture, and beauty all around you and within you. Notice all those other people seeming to have a similar experience to yours! How beautiful!

It astounds me that I used to complain to the beautiful women who have enchanted and blessed my life. Next time a complaint arises, make it a complaint about how you forgot to notice how beautiful, powerful, and amazing you are.

I know, I know, perhaps I need to offer some more valuable or useful information. I could teach you to knit or sew or rock climb or work on cars. Why should you or anyone else give a shit about your own life, anyway? There are plenty of interesting stories to follow instead. Stories have a funny way of disguising themselves as truth, don’t they? I went out in search of a teacher or a guru who could provide me with liberation. What I found was an endless stream of stories. The stories inspired me to try new things, and to pursue new awarenesses and perceptions.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in history or not. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in any of the stories anyone has ever told you, no matter how authoritative it might have seemed at the time. If you want to do things your way even if you know there is a better way to do things, do them your way anyhow. Do what you want to do. Oh, yeah, before I reveal the main secret, I have a lesser secret that will help you in creating your dream life effortlessly. That secret is to:

Always Ask For What You Want.

One of my favorite of the gurus who accompanied me on my journey of liberation was Dr. Hyatt. Here is a little sample of a discussion between he and I:

I realize now that I have diverged from my original plan here. I had arranged to provide some exciting videos about enlightenment, more quotes from authorities on waking up, and maybe even a video of me talking to you about these subjects. The point in doing all of that would have been to destroy it all again before the end of this article anyway, so I will save both of us the time and effort.

There is no such thing as enlightenment.

There really is no such thing as awakening either.

There is just you, sitting there, having a life experience. That is all there ever was. That is all there will ever be.

Remember sometimes to bask in the glory of that simple fact.

Everything outside of your personal experience was never anything more than a story. Sure, some seemed more true than others, some contained bits of wisdom or experience that inspired you in various ways….made you think in various ways…some of them contained kernels of truth in them. The secret here is to recognize and stay aware of the difference between experiences and stories.

Your experience is primal. Stories are for fun.

If you are telling yourself stories that make you feel bad, weak, or otherwise disempowered, STOP. Feel the immense power you have invested in those stories. Feel it in your body. Remember that it was you all along having this unending and unbroken chain of experience through a vast and beautiful river of life. Enjoy it! Enjoy it now!

Oh, Damn! I almost forgot. What the hell was that reference to “Piss yourself in laughter” ? I will now enlighten you. There was a time in my life when I was wandering around Oregon with mushroom chocolate in my tea or delighting in ecstasy in the evenings. During those times, God revealed to me the divine nature of the prophet Kenny Rogers. I subsequently wrote, produced, and acted in a Rock Opera about the secret life of Kenny Rogers, and how he saved us all. I have a DVD of the making of it, and even footage of the play itself. Perhaps someday you will find it on one of my sites. For now, I leave it up to your imagination.

Click here to view a little bit of the exegesis revealed to me about The Gambler.

Anyway, I ate a lot of mushrooms in those daze. One night, on a particularly strong chocolate, I lost all sense of beingness or existence. I knew I was there, but I forgot who I was. After much confusion and sheer terror, I started tearing up some books I had in front of me. After doing so, I knew myself as the king and creator of the entire known Universe. I found my message to my lesser self back on Urth written in a prophetic notebook. That message was the key to my awakening… I had scrawled:

Piss Yourself In Laughter

in a notebook with a huge black sharpie. ¬†How much more clear could it get? Relax your belly, ass, and perineum…and laugh your ass off all the time! And that, my friends, is a bonus secret for your awakening pleasure and delight. Piss yourselves in laughter. Let go of your concerns and training so much that you find a puddle on the floor as you gasp to catch your breath. Then laugh again.

Love yourself, your life, and everything else. Its a crazy unsolved mystery! Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad again!


PS: If you feel so moved, contribute to this awesome new project: FuckYourBrain!

6 responses to “A Perpetual Process of Waking Up -or- Piss Yourself In Laughter”

  1. Avatar escapeplans says:

    Awesome, Garrett! Thanks for such a cool post. Your writing style hovers between stream of consciousness and some kind of meta-plan. Whoa! When I first stopped by to read your article, I was feeling kinda down. Now, I realize I am the one and only Gawd almighty, delighting forever in my creation. Thank you!

  2. Avatar Sheila says:


  3. Avatar escapeplans says:

    Well, now having read this a few times, I am not as keen on repeating some of the more confusing tactics I employed here. I wonder what people who read this thought of it. Perhaps it seems bizarre? Hmmmmm……

  4. Avatar escapeplans says:

    ahhhhh. Thanks for that, lee lee!

  5. Avatar Andrew Pelt says:

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