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When The Man In The Moon No Longer Smiles

The man in the moon no longer smiles
And the beach is dirt and water,
Maths, PE, Masters Degree
Led like a lamb to the slaughter,
The grass no longer seems so green
The wind no longer fresh,
Just scratch and bite and do ones best
To swallow pills from the medicine chest,
We daydream daily of the nights
When summer really lasted,
And shone as far as we could see
A light that we outlasted,
And voices die, and flesh decays
Mere memories thereafter,
Still bright and fresh and vivid green
And filled with life and laughter.

7 responses to “When The Man In The Moon No Longer Smiles”

  1. Avatar Karen says:

    I never quite know what to say in response to poetic posts. Poetry is mostly lost on me, I'm afraid. But there's something resonant in this that I really like.

  2. Similar to Karen, when it comes to a lot of poetry, I just "don't get it." But this…this, I enjoyed.

  3. Avatar rosie says:

    for me, this was someone recalling and pining for their youth…the life more carefree, and whimsical than the present..perhaps "adult" life which is filled more with responsibility and pain…

    • Avatar llxt says:

      i agree. it seems like the sort of "awakening" here is the Real World calling… a good-bye to education (fun?) and hello to…reveling in the past for the rest of your life.

      • fent11111 fent11111 says:

        Jesus. I've just noticed this reply.
        Very few things can get me down on a Friday night.
        But the thought of "reveling in the past for the rest of my life" is one of them.
        Oh well, 4:20's come and been. Time for a weekend pick me up.

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