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One Wish, Two Wish, Bed Wish, Poo Wish

Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes,
Two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose,
Two arms with two hands, two legs with two feet,
One small Baby tushy and a face that’s Baby sweet,
One head full of hair that was a great surprise to me,
And one set of lungs that God himself must envy.
Well, all the parts are there, and they all work, too.
So it looks like my first wish has already come true,
For a complete, healthy, working Baby You,
(But I wish you had instructions so I’d know what to do).
I have to admit, all that Baby hair shocked me,
Since the babies in my family are bald as can be!
I had to ask Mommy, “Are you SURE she belongs to me?
She looks like a Monchichi, or a baby Chimpanzee…”
“Of course she is yours,” Mommy said between sighs,
“Just look at her nostrils, or her twinkly blue eyes…”
To no one’s surprise, Mommy was right,
You do have my eyes, and a lot of my fight,
When you scrunch that Baby face up real tight,
Clench your little Baby fists and scream with all your might,
That’s Daddy’s Irish blood firing you up, all right.
A part of Me I saw in You from your very first yell,
I knew that one day my Sweet Baby would give ’em all hell.
But with one wish down, it is on to wish two,
Of these 4 wishes Daddy wishes for Baby You.
I wish You to be happy in all that you do,
And I will do all that I can to make that wish come true.
I’ll hold You and rock You, and sing to You when I can,
(But the only lullaby I know is “Ball and Chain” by Social Distortion…),
You want to suck my thumb instead of the binky? That is just fine…
Just don’t forget, that thumb is mine.
I’ll need it for grasping, and holding You tight,
And giving you a “thumbs-up” when You do something right.
I’ll never be too busy or too tired to play,
Or hug You when You’re sad and tell You it’s OK,
Or do anything else it takes to make my happy wish come true,
Because that’s what Daddy Me wants for Baby You.
So, Healthy and Happy covers wish one and wish two,
But the next wish is more for Me and Mommy, than for You.
Do You think You could sleep, just a tiny bit more?
So Mommy and Daddy don’t pass out on the floor?
I know the big world is exciting and new,
But I promise, it will always be there for You.
So, if You could sleep, just an hour or two?
That way, Mommy and Daddy can take a nap too?
Just close those Sweet Baby eyes, and dream Sweet Baby Dreams…
See, taking a nap isn’t as bad as it seems!
And when You wake up, we will always be there.
(Well, one of us will, the other might be asleep in a chair…)
Well, my last wish, it’s a secret, between You and Me,
Something We’ll agree on to make Mommy happy.
You know when you Poo? Yes, I said Poo.
It’s OK, a perfectly normal thing to do…
But you should totally do it when I’M NOT AROUND…
Like when Daddy’s sleeping, or meandering the hound.
Because, You see, Your Mommy LOVES poo.
Without Your poo, she wouldn’t know what to do!
She loves changing your diaper, and cleaning your poo,
No matter what she says, I promise, this is true…
So when You go Poo, always get Mommy to take care of it,
And this will be our little secret.
So, that brings an end to my Four Baby Wishes,
Inspired by a Doctor Speaking of Fishes,
Written for my beautiful Sweet Baby Girl,
Who I love more than anything in the world.
I’ll give You my best, and more if I must,
To provide what You need, in this You can trust.
I can’t promise Life will always be easy or fun,
But when things are tough, we’ll count our blessings…
And You’ll always be the very first one.
I love You, Sweet Baby Fiona Victoria. 6/20/2010

2 responses to “One Wish, Two Wish, Bed Wish, Poo Wish”

  1. Avatar God says:

    Really nice. Truly. I have also trained my daughter that Mommy is for poo.

  2. WreckedUm, you've been out-nerded.

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