Truth, besotted with Lies

September 15, 2011

In writing, being truthful almost always requires a small amount of fiction.


June 5, 2011

My therapist thinks if I can figure out what I want, then I can go and get it, but I’ve already obtained everything I wanted.

Best of 30POV: Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Serial Killers

May 5, 2011

Bestie #5 comes from yours truly. That’s probably all I should say.

Native Values: Teaching the Sins of our Forefathers

March 18, 2011

Teachers are supposed to be saints, but I’ve sinned plenty in the three short years I’ve been a professor.


February 28, 2011

I wasn’t that eager, not like I should’ve been. Nor was I that excited about St. Louis. We’d chosen somewhere close, only because my husband had to be back at work in two days. Later, they’d fire my husband, but by that point, we were no longer interested in the things you do on a honeymoon.

How I Got that Name

January 6, 2011

Garry felt that he’d created me and, to be fair, he did name me. In all likelihood, he just couldn’t pronounce my real name (and that’s not a slant towards his intelligence; my own brother couldn’t pronounce my name for a very long time), but when G-money called me lee lee for the first time, I felt no less important than the several times I’d felt “called by God” as a Southern Baptist teen. I had been reborn.

The Ineffectiveness of the Imperative Mood

December 5, 2010

Despite what the advertising industry and the Facebook friend finder application would have us believe, the imperative mood doesn’t actually accomplish anything other than making the recipient feel as though they want to strangle someone. I don’t have any friends, Goddamnit! Leave me alone.

A Bullshit Philosophy

November 5, 2010

An unpolished, imperfect, and probably not so pleasing post about my penchant for prevaricating.


October 5, 2010

We should all be concerned. One by one, our freedoms are being taken from us. Our behavior is being censored, our thoughts silenced. Without {text} there is nothing.

Thank You, and then some…

September 30, 2010

A tribute to the writers of 30POV.

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