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The Least Honorable Person I Know

I’ve spent the past few months dealing with a family matter that has kept me away from 30POV.  It’s all good, and I’m okay, but with everything going on I couldn’t get my mind in the appropriate place to contribute to this site as I have for the past year.  But now I’m back, refreshed, and I’m ready to continue sharing my thoughts and experiences with our readers.
Following is a letter that I wrote to my mother’s husband a couple of weeks ago – a man who is almost indescribable in his awfulness.  As you read it, I’m sure you’ll wonder: Did he really mail this letter? The answer: Yes, I did.
Fuck him to hell.
+ + + +
Let me start by saying that you will never speak to or see me again.  I’ve written you this letter, because I need to clear my head and put your existence behind me – as best I can – once and for all.  So sit there and absorb every word and count your blessings that I thought better than to come and deliver this message in person.
You’re a piece of a shit, Joe.  A despicable, horrible and poisonous person to your core.  A shyster, a fraud and a hoax in every aspect of your miserable life.  A degenerate loser whose existence is made even more sad and disgusting in that it’s not just you, but clearly a gene that is carried by each and every one of your insufferable children, siblings and family members.  And beyond my feelings for who you are, I wholly resent you for how you’ve influenced my mother and destroyed my family.
You have been a no good, repulsive piece of shit from the moment you came barreling into our lives with complete disregard for everyone and anyone but yourself.  The truth is the family and I shoulder some of the blame for allowing things to get to where they are today, because we should’ve knocked you on your ass and out the door years ago.
I’ve accepted that you’re a predatory sociopath incapable of acknowledging his problems and that you’ll continue to prey on the vulnerable for as long as you can.  This certainly does not forgive you from blame for being who you are, but it does allow me some joy to know that you’re truly alone in life.  You don’t have anyone – family, nor a single friend – who gives an ounce of shit to help you.  And you know it.  I hope this occupies your every thought and eats away at you slowly and painfully for the rest of your life.
I hope that you live long enough to experience the pain and anguish of losing everyone that has ever meant anything to you.  Go to hell, you pathetic fucking loser.
+ + + +
Don’t judge me.  I know that this letter comes off extremely harsh, but I promise you that in time I’ll share the story behind it all. Hopefully then you’ll understand why I feel how I do, and why I did what I did.

12 responses to “The Least Honorable Person I Know”

  1. Jesse Star Jesse Star says:

    Sometimes, it takes a letter like this for catharsis to begin. Bravo, sir, and I hope that you have found some peace.

  2. Damn, Poopoopachu, that was some finely crafted vitriol.

  3. Avatar WreckedUm says:

    THAT'S MY POOP!!!!! You want I should pee in his toolbox?

  4. Avatar disperse says:

    I like the part where you call him a repulsive piece of shit.

  5. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Wow. I'm sure you're better off getting that off your chest.

  6. Avatar KFrayz says:

    Welcome back poop. We missed your stinky ass

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