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Tending gardens you didn't sow.

You must tend the garden, not only as if it were your own, but as if it were more precious then anything you could ever produce.
Because they are, you know.
Anyone can plant seeds.
It takes a dedicated gardener to raise someone else’s seedlings, and to do what’s needed to help them grow strong.
Watering, nourishing, sheltering, and even pruning when required, even as you look down on their fragile green shoots. Thinking to yourself.
Am I strong enough?
Can I do this?
Bringing in plants that shade and shelter, twine and strengthen is absolutely essential.
As is weeding.
Protecting from pests, predators, and other dangers.
You want your little flowers to blossom, to mature, to stand tall and proud.
And you should be proud, because you were the one to help them be that way.
But what happens when you enter a neglected garden?
Do you just watch the tender shoots fall into decay?
I can’t.
When you discover, however, that in spite of your best efforts, you may not be able to help them in the ways they best need, you need to make a decision.
Do you call in professionals to assess the damage, and to help take whatever steps are needed to ensure that they grow up nurtured and cared for?
It is a hard decision to make.
Whatever you choose, it will have an impact, for better or for ill, on the future health of your seedling.
Choose carefully.
Above all. Be strong. Pass your strength along to your charge.
Watch them blossom.

3 responses to “Tending gardens you didn't sow.”

  1. Avatar The Tailor says:


  2. Jesse Star Jesse Star says:


  3. Jesse Star Jesse Star says:

    I gotta say..
    My front garden? An absolute disaster. I'd welcome someone deciding to take it over. Busy, busy busy..

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