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Best of 30POV: Messages from the Dark

“Best Use of Poetry as a Coping Mechanism”

Actually, all of Fent’s posts would qualify for that award. But this one is my favorite.

Messages from the Dark*

On my honour, I must maintain;
Chasing the sunset, under dusk’s reddened clouds, long into the darkness of the night.
The seeking of truths, in the shouts from the dark, to disguise that all change is the same.
Staring at rainbows.
Sculpting my dreams.
Raging against the inherent hypocrisy.
The War. The Famine. The Soulless Shadow of Rome.
All change is the same.
On my honour, I must maintain;
Culture is not your friend.


*”Messages from the Dark.” Orig. Pub. Date: 11/19/2010. Vol II, Issue 3 ~ On My Honor ~ 30POV.com; All rights belong to the original author.

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