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Overheard at Comic-Con

I just returned from San Diego where I spent the better part of last week at Comic-Con International, soaking up all things film, television, comics, toys and pop art related with nearly 140,000 rabid fans.  With thousands of exhibitors and costumed fans, and slightly fewer panels and star-studded (drunken) parties, there’s a shitload to take in at Comic-Con.  But there are a lot of great writers and outlets you can check out for that info, so I thought I would just share some of the entertaining things I overheard while at the con.

I’ll start off by sharing my own mortifying story in case you think that I’m just here to poke fun at others.  Now granted, I didn’t overhear this, but rather spoke it myself, but it fits the theme.

…I was walking into my hotel with my pal, when I spotted a guy walking toward us wearing a Childrens Hospital t-shirt with Rob Corddry’s face on it.  As I asked my friend if he’d watched the show yet, there’s Corddry walking out of my hotel right for us!…

Me [extending my arm and shaking his hand]: “Hey, it’s great to meet you; I really love your work.  Childrens Hospital is hysterical!  Congratulations.  Enjoy the convention, Rob.”

Him [uncomfortable, yet composed and smiling]: “Thanks.”

…As the words were leaving my mouth, I knew what I was doing/saying, but I couldn’t stop myself.  (The look of horror on my friend’s face should’ve tipped me off more quickly too.)  It wasn’t Rob Corddry.  It was Scott Adsit from 30 Rock.  It was horrible.  And worse yet, I bumped into Adsit three more times at the con, each time hiding my face and scampering by to avoid further humiliation.

+ + +

…after meticulously examining the Transformers figures in the display cases, a teenage boy approached the counter where an autograph session was taking place…

Boy [picking up the countertop name placard]: “Who’s ‘Stan Bush’?”

Guy sitting behind the counter: “I am.”

Boy: “Oh wow, really? Who are you?”

Bush: “I wrote and performed the song ‘The Touch’ in the Transformers movies.”

Boy: “What’s that?”


+ + +

….walking through a large crowd hanging outside a hotel, heading to the lobby for a huge after hours gathering…

Guy [says to us]: “It sucks in there.”

My friend [leaping at him, shouting]: “NO! IT SUCKS! RIGHT! HERE!” [pointing to his feet]

+ + +

…watching two young kids wildly wielding Lightsabers in a booth battle…

Guy #1: “They’re going to take one another’s eyes out.”

Guy #2: “Their eyes grow back.”

+ + +

…after some heavy drinking and karaoke, we were gathered on the street planning the night’s next stop…

My friend [running up to me]: “I just kissed Zach Galifianakis on the mouth!”

it wasn’t Zach Galifianakis.  It was this guy.

+ + +

Guy: “Did you hear someone got stabbed in Hall H today?”

Girl: “With what, a Lightsaber?”

…it happened.

+ + +

…while I was on my phone in a loud bar, trying to give directions to a drunk friend…

My friend [screaming in my face/into the phone]: “Tell her to…GO PUNCH YOUR OWN DICK OFF!  SLIT YOUR WRISTS!  SLIT YOUR WRISTS!”

…A+ for originality.  At least he wanted her to punch *her own* dick off, right?

+ + +

…two guys watching as a few girls posed for photos with a cosplayer…

Guy #1: “That’s a short Chewbacca.”

Guy #2: “I think it’s an Ewok.”

Guy #1: “No, dude, it’s Chewbacca.”

Guy #2: “I think it’s Chaka.”

Guy #1: “Nobody dresses as Chaka.”

it was a really terrible Chewie costume.

+ + +

If you overheard any fun or ridiculous conversations at Comic-Con, please share them in the comments!

5 responses to “Overheard at Comic-Con”

  1. Mr_Poopoopachu Mr_Poopoopachu says:

    Party Guest: "Hiiiiii!"
    Party Host: "Oh my god…are you pregnant!?"
    Party Guest: "No."

  2. Will Will says:

    Love the way you worked Chewbacca, Ewok, and Chaka all into one conversation.

    • Mr_Poopoopachu Mr_Poopoopachu says:

      Don't thank me. This is no more my doing than having been born with two functioning ears and being at Comic-Con.

  3. Mr_Poopoopachu Mr_Poopoopachu says:

    No words…

  4. Mr_Poopoopachu Mr_Poopoopachu says:

    Never have truer words been spoken.

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