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The Escalation of Mischief

“Mom, can we write on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk?”
Ten minutes later, I go outside to see that my two beautiful daughters are covered in something that must be some kind of “chalk paint.”  They have gotten a bowl of water and crushed up the sidewalk chalk and basically just made a huge glob of mess on the back porch, and all over themselves.
Another day.
“Mom, can we take our bath together?”
Ten minutes later, the bathroom is covered in bubbles, and there is water in places I don’t even know how it would possibly get there.
Another day.
I see the kids’ bathroom door is closed with a little post-it note sign on it that has written  “Out of Service, Thanks.”  Hmm…
“Kate, did you write this?”
“Cause it is out of service.”  At this point, I have not gone in.  I would like to have some sort of heads up before I enter that room.
“What do you mean ‘out of service’?”
“I mean, it isn’t working.”
“Yes, I know what out of service means, what part of the bathroom is out of service?”  I am almost getting hysterical here. I know I should just go in, but I can’t bring myself to look in there without some sort of idea what I am stepping into.
“Well… I was washing some rocks in the sink, and… it’s full of dirt, and clogged up.”
Oh, is that all.  Truthfully, I was expecting something a little nastier, but I was still not happy with that.
End of the week.
Maybe because it’s October?

4 responses to “The Escalation of Mischief”

  1. Aw that’s just some good ol’ sweet innocent fun, Jamie. Wait ’til they’re old enough to enjoy Devil’s Night.

    • Avatar lee lee says:

      Hey! Never underestimate the amount of stress brought about by even the smallest of “tricks” your kids play on you!!
      (Hi, my name is lee lee, and I’m a mom/worrier)

  2. jhill174 jhill174 says:

    They enjoy the “sweet” side of it already! Dressing up as princesses and getting candy from our neighbors. I should be thankful for what I have, right! And, I have three daughters, but this mischief was only being done by my two older ones, 6, and 8. 🙂

  3. Avatar Pam Sitterly says:

    Precious and creative! What’s not to love???

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