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The Search is Over.

I’m married. I just moved into a new apartment, which–at this point–is fully furnished & decorated.  I won’t be buying a house anytime soon.  I have more than enough jobs. I don’t need another forum to share my opinions.  I don’t even feel like voyeurying that much anymore.  Additionally, the carpal tunnel is only getting worse.
I’m done. (No, not with LIFE, silly…!)
…with Craigslist.
I admit…I was powerless over the free stuff category— my desire had become unmanageable.  But the addiction is over.  I’ve come to believe that Craigslist is not a Power greater than myself (Self-Control, anyone?); I want my Sanity restored.  I’ve made my decision to take my life and will back as I understood it.  I’ve made a searching and fearless material inventory and admitted to my roommates and family the exact nature of my purchasing (and selling!) wrongs.  I’m entirely ready to have Horatio Caine remove any leftover defect of consumerism…as well as my clothing. I’ve made amends.   And I’ll continue to admit when I’m wrong.  Through overeating and watching Housewives marathons, I’ll improve on my laziness, hoping only for the willpower to carry out mother nature’s calls.  Futhermore, in the writing of this post, I carry this message to Craigsaholics everywhere, and commit to the practice of abstinence in all my {shopping} affairs.
However, I am thinking of taking up guitar playing.

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  1. llxt llxt says:

    Rosie: I can SO identify with this. (Now, could you please get out of my brain…)

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