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Women are witches. Ok, not all, but some. A few. I don’t know, but I’ve met those women and somehow they’re so often paired with the sweetest guy. Those women love to shoot each other down, and certainly get off on having the upper hand in a relationship. We all remember the catty girls in high school who would un-friend and re-friend quite commonly over some exchange of name-calling. Gossip is God. Rich girls with not enough living in their life gossip as a way to pass the time. Witch hunt, I tell you.

I’m not the chatty, catty, gossipy girl by any means – actually gossip makes me a bit uncomfortable – but my husband will tell you I don’t like “any” woman on TV. Although I would argue I just don’t like the girls HE likes, I have to agree that in part this is true. The sitcom moms are all uptight, skinny broads. The sex symbols aren’t given much character beyond showing their assets. And come on, I just get tired of skinny, white blondes! Give me some curvy brunette whose character is as rounded as her figure, please. (This is where someone will comment on the Latina on Modern Family, which I don’t watch.) How many fat, lazy, stupid husbands do I have to see married to nagging, killjoy wives?

Do such accusations make me a bitch? No, I just want to see some FUN women portrayed on the screen! Those who are fun are most often single, right? The New Adventures of the Old Christine. The old show Ellen. Any show with a sister-in-law who is single. How come I can’t see some fun married woman? Why are they always the ones dragging down the fun and rolling their eyes in disgust at the guys’ antics? Better yet, why aren’t the ladies the one partaking in the shenanigans?!

My guess is guys reading this will say that women DO drag down the fun. And my other guess is that women reading this will say hell ya, I’m one of the fun ones!

2 responses to “Shenanigan”

  1. Avatar The Tailor says:

    I agree with Lee Lee on Still Sytanding, too. It was funny for all of those reasons, plus Jamie Gertz was smoking hot.

  2. Kail Kail says:

    Yep that's Ray. If I started watching it again, I'd eventually fall in love with it again! Peter Boyle is priceless

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