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Stay Tuned Next Season: Tee's Life

So, having known my post was going to go up Christmas eve, I’ve been contemplating what to write… at first it was the season finale of a relationship – how to deal, cope, blah blah blah… then I thought about my dating life, and realized that sometimes you need a Series Finale, not just a Season’s Finale to move on… then of course there are the inevitable re-runs that really, we must all learn to move on from.

Then I contemplated the entire “this is the year’s end, and what have I learned”… but after the year I’ve had, I wasn’t about to spend my precious blog space complaining.

So, what I’ve decided is this, I’m starting a whole new series. No finale’s here folks, just simply deciding to write my own script to my sitcom called life. If you know me – you know its got to be sitcom, because if you can’t laugh at this stuff… you really would go crazy!!

So, we’re starting with some raw talent, and a pretty much workable cast.

Situation thus far: a 30-something whose got a great job (on most days – don’t want ‘em to think they are perfect just yet!!), great co-workers (who are all a little crazy…), FANTASTIC friends, a pretty much normal (and loving, and also slightly crazy) family… and great hair. Other than that- where are we? Oh, a mini cooper s – so that’s always a bonus on a sitcom – and a great condo – in the world’s best city.

Realities that need to be faced… Main character needs some work done – loose those pesky 10 lbs… or 20… but whose really counting? And basically figure out life.

Meh… sounds a little too “Sex in the City”. So, what is this girl going to do? Well… I dunno… I just don’t know…

We need her to set some goals.  What goals do we want the main character to set? hmmm…. along with all the regular stuff like – win the lottery, date, exude confidence in strange situations…

Well, we are going to need the main character to do something crazy in the next 12 months to warrant her the ability to have a blog to write about.  So, what should be asked to do in the next 12 months that is going to make this series work, dance, make you stand up and read it on a monthly basis, and well – just enjoy the ride we call Tee’s life?

We’re going to start with her celebrating her 32nd birthday in the company of a great friend – in VEGAS BABY!  I think that that is a great way to start it.  No Mini Cooper on this trip – its a little bit of a drive… but alas – still a fun way to go!

8 responses to “Stay Tuned Next Season: Tee's Life”

  1. Avatar escapeplans says:

    Best wishes on the new series! Enjoy the Vegas trip. If you want any crazy experiments for your characters to try, check out my blog and experiment away. Cheers, and happy birthday!

  2. If I may, I’d like to suggest a plot line for our leading female. Cool? Great.
    One of her New Year’s resolutions is to give a little something back to society – perhaps to those a little less fortunate or in need of some “real world” contact. Her quirky friend suggests that she volunteer time to a program she just heard about, where men and women become pen pals to prisoners. Given the state of our lead’s love life, she can’t help but think that maybe there’s a handsome “white collar criminal” out there who she’d connect with. Over the course of a few months the writing of letters becomes a side business wherein she makes conjugal visits to various (read: many) men who pay well for that long-forgotten woman’s touch. Before long, she quits her day job to grow this new enterprise…
    Okay, it’s more like a Weeds meets Oz series and not a plot line at all. Fine. But I think it has great potential. I’m available to help with writing, casting and/or acting. You know how to reach me.

  3. Avatar Marc says:

    Howz this! You (Tanya) win a mafia don named – MARIO SABATINO (60, overweight, resembles Brando from Godfather) in a Vegas poker hand and he has to become your butler. At first he's a little hesitant because of what Paulie the feet and Jonny 'No Hat' will say but he knows if he doesn't honour a commitment, then it's not going to look good in mafia circles. So he acquiesces. While being your butler, you learn the mystery and muscle of asserting yourself to your parents, boss, exes and most importantly the Bay street type on again off again boyfriend/lover MITCH who you want a relationship with, if only he would leave his wife.
    You and Mario develop a father/daughter relationship and everything seems to be going smooth, but complications arise when you find out that he doesn't have long to live, and wants to make amends with his son. Who didn't go into the family business but is a gay chef in New York (Yay, a trip to New York!) You agree to help but in the process, Mario has to do one last job and he needs your help.
    All the while you are followed by FBI and AGENT KYLE CHAD TEMPLETON (40, Good-looking, wears a suit well, and respects his subordinates was once a Disney personality the same way Kurt Russell was). He wants to put Sabatino down and will with every ounce of his being. Every so often you catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of your eye. Like cockroaches, when you see one, you know 500 are in the shadows. So you must do the job, avoid the prying eyes of the FBI and Templeton and meet up with Mario's son FABRIZIO. (He's FAB-bri-zio – say it out loud and gayer)
    The job is a simple exchange. A DVD of information. When you ask Mario, he tells you that the Super 7 lottery is rigged and that the DVD has all the winning codes on it for the next 20 years. This is how the Mafia pays off their debts – though lottery winnings. (Why he didn't just give you winning lottery numbers and avoid being your butlar? – He just didn't alright!)
    As the exchange goes down, it's raided. A gunfight ensues. Bullets whiz by your head. In the melee a bullet wounds Mario Sabatino and puts him in the hospital — if he makes it he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail.
    Because you're cute, in an unprecedented move in FBI history. you are not charged with aiding and abetting, or conspiracy to commit fraud Agent Templeton is making eyes at you. You smile wryly. FABrizio shows up a the hospital. It turns out that he's a pastry chef and that he makes the best cannoli on the planet. This more than fulfills any dream Mario had for him. Giving the world cannoli is a beautiful thing. Mitch shows up to tell you he's left his wife, and he wants you full time but it's too late. You turn him down. Too little too late. Mario is happy and dies in peace. You're there to witness the reuniting of father and son. Maybe get little Templeton action as well as eat amazing cannoli. As a dying thank you, he bought you a lottery ticket.
    Oh, throw in a chase scene somewhere too…
    The end. How about doing that in the new year?

  4. Avatar tee says:

    Hmm… Yup… that works. But I tell ya what – I'm adding in that there is an illicit affair with Templeton, in New York CITY, where I get to overlook the park. So there.
    ROFL – that's guys – this year is gonna rock for the main character!!

  5. Avatar Isis Truxell says:

    Like your blog 🙂 I’ll check your site later again.

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