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Tis the season for (reflection)…..

Falalalala… la… la… lala…..  There is nothing better than using December as a time to reflect on the year’s failures.  I would love to say the year’s successes, but alas, the only thing I managed to succeed at was not offing myself.  I suppose a “normal” person would take the time to think of all they were thankful for over the year, the fabulous things they did, all that is great in the world.  I am glad I am not “normal.”
In short, I lost a boyfriend of two years (Derek), my job (Fetish website), third gear in my car (Cobalt), and what was left of my sanity (Unstable).
I gained a significantly less paying job (Luv My Pet), a new boyfriend (James), two more cats (Xerxes and Pompeii), and a ton of medication to combat my ever-present bipolar disorder (Lamictal, Zoloft, Ritalin, Trazodone, Zyprexa).
This year signified the 11th year of my mother’s passing (January 17th), my 32nd birthday (February 9th), and another Thanksgiving without my Dad being home (Afghanistan).
I celebrated the 1st birthday of my second grand-niece (Miley), joined a paranormal investigation team (SSNE), and came to terms with my negativity (Negativity = Happiness).
What is up for the new year?  I could list a ton of generic things I would like to accomplish:  lose weight (Fat is where it’s at), be nicer (Sarcasm), stop smoking (Oh wait, I don’t smoke), and drink less (Yeah right).
What I would really like to do is travel (Greece and Rome), become wealthy (3.7 million), get a new car (Camaro, Mustang, BMW, what have you), and fix this annoying depression problem (Not too much, don’t want to be perky).
What will I accomplish this year?  Going to the dentist (Cavity), haircut (Two to three times a year), not killing anyone (Think it a lot though), visiting the cemetery (After five years) and celebrating my birthday (33rd).
I would love to end this with some encouraging words for the new year.  But, if you can tell by the tone of this blog, I am not exactly the warm and fuzzy encouraging type.  May your year be safe from death (your own), DUIs (Stay off the booze), rabid dogs (Vaccinate!), and bad fish (Smell it first).

6 responses to “Tis the season for (reflection)…..”

  1. Avatar emmy em says:

    Optimism is over-rated. Long live telling it like it is.

  2. Avatar angelatav says:

    I'm with Emmy—well done, well done.
    And even though this may be a little too optimistic for this very moment, I'm still hoping 2010 brings much better things.

  3. Avatar llxt says:

    being happy actually makes me very cranky! so i'm with you. "Negativity = Happiness" indeed! can we start a new FB group with this title?

  4. Avatar McKnight says:

    Yea for parenthetical expressions (no, really, I enjoyed this piece)!

  5. Avatar tee says:

    Is it sad to note that I'm glad someone else had as crappy a year as I did? I'm one of those forever optomistic (crap, i'm going to say it!) perky people, and man, and I'll be gald to make the gesture of moving into 2010. Cause, I'm not so grateful for 2009. 😛 And that's my spin!

  6. For what it's worth, I love and appreciate your writing on 30pov. And, if you care to compare at all, you've had a better year than, say, Bernie Madoff, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson and the New York Mets.

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