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Just another pitiful love story

She walked into the classroom, and when she saw him, she knew where she would sit.  Abigail was talking about the teacher.  He was young and very handsome, and she wanted to sit as close to him as possible.  She was 20 and in her second year of college, and although she had dated several men in the past, she never actually dated one with a college degree.  Not that she was even thinking she could date this one, but she did like to imagine such things.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 in the morning, she was the first one in the class, and she always sat right up front, and she called him Mr. Markson, although everyone else called him Mike.  He wasn’t that much older than her, maybe 5 years, she didn’t really know, but she knew he was way out of her league… still, there was something about him.
He gave the class his phone number, just in case someone needed help with something sometime, and Abigail needed help, lots of help.  She called him and asked very legitimate questions, and kept everything very formal and professional, but inside, she really wished she was talking to her boyfriend, she wondered if he thought about her at all, but she knew there was no way he could be thinking of her like that.  He was way too sophisticated.
Then, the semester was over.  She thought that perhaps they had a connection.  They had talked many times on the phone, about many things, and nothing ever got sexual, at least not out loud.  She decided that maybe she could keep up a friendship with him.  It was worth a chance, right?  What’s the worst that could happen?  So she called him.  This time she called him Mike, and they talked for hours.  He asked her to call him again soon.  She did.  This went on for a few weeks, and then he asked for her phone number, and she thought maybe, just maybe, there was something more to this, maybe she wasn’t out of his league.  Now that he had her number, she was not going to call him again until after he called her.
One week passed, then two, then three, and she decided that it was all in her head after all, and whatever she thought was happening between them was really only happening on her end, so she forgot about him.  Then her phone rang, and it was Mike!  Abigail was surprised to hear from him, and mentioned it to him, and he explained that he had gone out of town and forgotten to take his phone book, but he just got back in town, and called her immediately.  Wow, she thought silently to herself.
It had been nine months since she walked into his classroom, and this was the longest time she had ever been “friends” with a man, and there had been no sexual innuendo, nothing, just talking about books, and movies, and plays, and music, and she loved it, she loved every minute of it, but she knew, alas, this was one man that would never be her boyfriend.  Then he asked her out.
And they had the best, most whirlwind romance any two people could have in four months.  Yes, four months, and it was all over.  After they were together as a couple, it turned out they wanted different things for the future.  She wanted to get married, he wanted to remain single, she wanted a family, he had no interest in becoming a father, but the sex was so good…
For another month they remained fuck buddies, and she loved it.  She could have everything she wanted, and anything else was all in her imagination, and it didn’t matter because he wasn’t ever going to change anyway, he wanted nothing serious, just casual, and she was very happy with that for now.
Then he met Claire, and apparently, that was the one he wanted to marry and have a family with, so after over a year of does he, doesn’t he… it turned out her first instinct was right all along, she was not good enough for him, season finale.

10 responses to “Just another pitiful love story”

  1. Avatar emmy em says:

    Aw! So sad & so true.

  2. The ending and general summary of conclusions was beautifully abrupt.
    Even as a chauvinist, womanizing, take-drunken-advantage-of, barely-use-protection sort of guy; I genuinely felt for the heartache in the soul of Abigail.

  3. Avatar Karen says:

    A good friend of mine dated one of her former professors. It went on for much longer than it needed to and ended very abruptly, although she was the one to do it. It was really hard for her, but she knew, ultimately, that it was right. I think we both still wonder what ever happened to him, but no one ever brings it up.

  4. He wasn't good enough for her. She was better off without him, even though the breakup hurt. Guys can be so stupid.
    But that was a very well-written and realistic story! I thought for a second that you'd been eavesdropping on my life … 🙂

  5. Avatar llxt says:

    Since Abigail is "20 and in her second year of college," I guess I just don't feel that much pity for her. She should be grateful this happened now, so that she won't go on through life idealizing every {person} that pays special attention to her. "Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/ It's hard to get by just upon a smile."
    (No, I'm not quoting Mr. Big; Cat Stevens sang it first!!)

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