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“Who’s gonna tell the youth about the drugs, mugs, bugs, and police thugs?”

R.I.P Punk Rock
When I turn on the radio and hear the sounds of Sum 41, Simple Plan, and/or {gulp} Good Charlotte, I definitely “wanna be sedated”, in fact – sadly, I AM sedated.
Quite simply, there is just not enough sex, drugs, and purple Mohawks to inspire anyone to rage against authority.
Luckily, in the short { give or take 30} years Rosie has been on this earth, she has learned — when someone you love deeply dies…eventually you can move on…but not without a little work.
I believe “we” can turn to the 7 stages of grief to push us through the loss of punk rock:
SHOCK AND DENIAL!  What do you mean when I show up to the show it’s not banned!? That can’t be so! There must be a mistake…check your records.
Once we realize that yes, indeed, the Dropkick Murphy’s will never be bad ass enough to be banned in any arena…we can move ourselves onto PAIN AND GUILT.
When coming to grips with never being able to tell Joe Strummer  “you’re my guitar hero”, you may be temporarily numbed by what else?  Drugs and alcohol, because  remember: “we’re controlled by the price of the hard drugs we must find”. What better way to pay tribute to the Gods of punk rock than following {temporarily} in their footsteps?  Just be sure you are able to sober up and move onto ANGER AND BARGAINING.
It’s now time to turn your rage on!   Rebel against all the murderous authority that has robbed you of your precious love:  punk rock.  You know the ones, corporate America, the record industry, and most importantly whatever entity signed Good Charlotte. At this stage you may ACTUALLY attempt to bargain with a higher power…”I promise if you bring back the Sex Pistols I will never speed ball again!”  But trust Rosie, now is not the time to be giving up any mood altering/enhancing endeavors.  You will need “to be sedated” to get through DEPRESSION, REFLECTION AND LONELINESS.
Friends and family may not fully understand your desire to hear Iggy Pop tell you one last time that he just “wants to be your dog”.  But do not allow anyone in your life to interfere with this important stage. Now is the time to embrace one final binge on your drug of choice, and be “pretty vacant”, until at last one morning you will find yourself, shivering on the cold bathroom floor which was that evenings bed, and decide it is indeed time for the UPWARD TURN.
Eventually, life will become more functional, and  no longer will you need to be in “another state of mind” to make it through the day.  At this point, RECONSTRUCTION of your life can begin, and you may even hear London Calling.
You ACCEPT this new life,  fold your “Destroy” t-shirt, place it in your dresser drawer, never to be worn again, and wonder to yourself: “Who’s gonna tell the youth about the drugs, mugs, bugs, and police thugs?”

15 responses to ““Who’s gonna tell the youth about the drugs, mugs, bugs, and police thugs?””

  1. Avatar llxt says:

    i've never been into punk rock (gasp! what can i say: i *was* a christian…) but i love this post for the gross amount of allusions alone. a perfect commiseration.

  2. fent11111 fent11111 says:

    Uninspiring music are the tentacles of the corporate shit-storm.
    Dumb it down, keep them happy.
    Bill said it best though; I’d just be going over old ground:

  3. Avatar e.c. russell says:

    May I submit that this post should be subtitled or sub-sub titled "That's when I Reach for My Revolver…"
    To keep with the linkage theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzMu6ugTNfA&fe

  4. Avatar omawarisan says:

    Sad to realize that most you see running around in Ramones t shirts got them at Target and know nothing about them or the music/movement they drove.
    What great shows those guys put on.

  5. Avatar David Pasquarelli says:

    Old school punk is dead and I miss Black Flag, The Dead Milkmen, The Dead Kennedys not to mention the Sex Pistols, the Pogues and the stif Little FIngers, luckily I have them on CD's, that I bought and did not steal from the internet or other people's CD's. "Christian Punk Rock" is a complete oxymoron.
    A couple friends of mine own Deathwish records and the Hardcore scene is alive and well if that's your thing. My buddie's band, Converge just put out a new CD, Axe to Fall.
    e.c. – I absolutely love that song, thanks for the reference and link.

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