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Creation Awaits

And this is it; the purging of the bile which has slowly built up in my soul like the unnoticed drip-drip of dirty rainwater falling from the rusted gutter of some dilapidated whore house on the edge of town.
Thereafter seeking only that which can lift, enlighten, inspire, enthuse and rouse from this degenerative slumber.
No more theory. No more hearsay. No more dry-humping possibilities with no intention of ever calling them back. Full penetration from this point onwards. Every possible orifice in record time. Lubricated or otherwise. Socially acceptable or not.
The time has come to dive headlong into this strange and ethereal thing; to loose oneself in oneself and become, at long last, the thing we were always meant to be.
For the signals are strong. Our allies are near. And creation awaits.

One response to “Creation Awaits”

  1. fent11111 fent11111 says:

    This is a celebratory piece, this one… I’m writing some stuff for a long-time deviant buddy of mine; a renaissance man who is mainly concerned with Music and Soul, and it would be mighty fine if you were able to drop by, show us some love, and generally populate the servers for a minute or two – possibly saving a bookmark for future purposes or submitting a piece you feel is in-line with the way we aim to work things from henceforth…
    I am genuinely excited.

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