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The Tailor’s Open Mic

In honor of this month’s theme, and also due to my complete lack of anything cohesive to write at the moment, I’m going to channel my inner stand-up comedian and share some random observations:

  • This country is going to default on the national debt.  Why?  Because both parties are too busy blaming one another for why we’re in this position rather than actually doing anything to fix it.  Compromise in the political arena is dead.

  • If Michelle Bachman becomes president, I’m moving to Canada.  She’s like Sarah Palin, but somehow even stupider and self absorbed than she was.  Makes grandiose statements about how we have to take this country back to the way our founding fathers wanted it to be, but constantly gets people and dates wrong.  She recently signed a document written by some Christian group that ostensibly opposes gay marriage.  If she really wants to do this, that’s fine.  I may find it ridiculous, but it’s her prerogative.  What I don’t get is how she missed the part of the document that heavily implied that African Americans were better off under slavery, then claimed she didn’t see it.

  • As a sports fan, I have difficulty with the idea of the NBA and NFL under lockouts at the same time.  This is made even more difficult by the current economic climate.  Labor disputes in sports have always been arguments between millionaires, but those arguments are made even more petty when the average citizen who gives these leagues their money is lucky to have a job and food on the table.  Continue to cry poverty, entitled pro athletes and business mogul owners.  The rest of us pity you.  The NFL can’t come up with an equitable way to split up 9 billion dollars.  Please, from me to you, go fuck yourselves.

  • I haven’t found planning to be anywhere near as stressful as I was led to believe it would be.  I do have one thing that I am struggling with, though.  The idea of the gift registry.  Let me state for starters that I don’t especially care about gifts in any way.  Since the vast majority of people attending our wedding will be coming from out of state and making significant travel commitments, I don’t especially feel comfortable putting the idea of gifts anywhere on the table.  We’ve been told that we have to register somewhere, since some people will get us gifts anyway and a registry prevents you from receiving things you already have or don’t need.  And yet, I can’t help feeling like even doing a registry is akin to asking for gifts.  I open this one up to the readers for advice and thoughts.

3 responses to “The Tailor’s Open Mic”

  1. Avatar Emilybb says:

    On the registry – your feelings are understandable. However, I'm sure that there are family members that want to get you something you need/will cherish and they will appreciate having a registry to guide them. I have also heard of couples setting up profiles where gift givers contribute to a honeymoon, house fund or even art work. The existence of a registry doesn't necessarily mean there is an expectation of gifts, it is just there to help those who wish to give.
    Good Luck!

  2. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Thanks, Emily

  3. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Thanks, Wrecked.

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