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Speak, Memory (Part 2): Pages From my Future Memoir

[from Page 504]
…Now come with me as I return to summer 2011–the season of writing was upon me again! “O world,” I thought as I sat to write, “can you handle my combination of inspiration, genius, and big word knowledge?” I guess the world couldn’t answer since I hadn’t actually written much yet. But, I felt this would be the year it happened, and I turned my unappreciated brilliance into words on a page that could subsequently have a chance to be appreciated. What great works were within me, just clawing to get out–like Rimbaud, my soul-brother! Of course, he wrote all of his great works before he was 19, but I still think the comparison is reasonable. Was I right, o world, or was I right?
To best capture my fecundity of thought and carnalish passion of my 37th year, I share here some free-writing notes of mine, unexpurgated,  as I prepared to write an article for an online publication of the period, 30pov–pretty much The New Yorker and The Paris Review combined. (It’s currently only available in the old internet format, unfortunately, but I understand it will soon be re-mastered into Sony-TDBank’s Holographic Mindmeld format.) Let’s take a peek at the great Jason Leary (if I do say so myself), in his rawest form from his most precocious years, as he prepared to pen another masterwork.
 What to write, what to write. GOD I can’t believe I’m late again. Why can’t my editor send me more reminders? Only 3 reminders a month that say our content is due the 15th of the month? This is hardly my fault. Anyway, I don’t want to let her down again, so I better get crackin’.

  • Idea 1: A writer is late with a submission to his magazine, and he tries to figure out what to write. Definite possibility.
  • Idea 2: Exploration into Johann Sebastian Bach’s life. Must make sure I’m not just stealing ideas from that book on Bach I just read. Still a possibility.
  • Idea 3: Deep-dive into youth culture and democracy in Egypt, Yemen, and those other countries. Problem: don’t read the paper enough for a deep dive into this, but I could offer up some good advice and thoughtful remarks. Let’s table this idea until I read more news stuff.
  • Idea 4: Borrowing the Ulysses theme, write about a guy in Boston (I can make use of the fact I know lots of streets and famous landmarks!), but reduce the story to a MINUTE of time over 700 pages. No time for this now (deadline is at midnight), but remember this one–this is the one. “Shall I book my tickets for Oslo now, or does the Committee take care of it?” Brilliant.

Okay, more ideas, more ideas. Satirical aspects of AC/DC lyrics? Connection between Santa and Satan (note–Google this to make sure no one else has come up with this). Or I could write about my new inventions. Wait, you fool–get the patents first. Just write Chappelle’s Show references? Everyone wins. (Sidenote: be more multi-racial with your character selection. Like those McDonald’s ads.)
Let’s try some word association. That always works.

  1. Orange –>  FRUIT.
  2. Drawing –> BACH’S PORTRAIT.
  3. Laundry –> THE CELLO SUITES.  (Dammit, I need to read another book–this Bach thing is getting out of hand)
  4. Etherized –> RIGATONI.

Okay, belly is full. Did the laundry. Put the Bach book in a drawer. Let’s do this. Maybe a list–people love lists. Top 10 songs of the year–no, the first half of the year. Top 25 alternative words to “gay” (in the bad sense). Top 5 Rick Springfield songs…err, Top 2. OH–I could tell that story that Mike told me about his brother-in-law’s friend. Might work better if I told it as if it was me. Have to research terms about fishing vessels and sharks one might find in the Atlantic. A-B-C-D-E-1-2-3-Point-1-4.
Hey, an e-mail from someone. I better stop this exercise and get right to that–people simply hate to wait for an e-mail response. Got so much to do, more laundry, eat, find Bach concerts, then my excuse note to my editor, then time for a drink. Brilliant.

11 responses to “Speak, Memory (Part 2): Pages From my Future Memoir”

  1. llxt llxt says:

    Out of all the ideas you came up with, I think the actual post turned out way better. As they say in MFA school, sometimes you just gotta start writing, in order to get to what you're supposed to write. 🙂 Oh, and stay away from BACH. This is the 30-something crowd, not the 1730-something crowd… (1630?)

    • Jason Jason says:

      I'm telling you, that Boston Ulysses in one minute has some legs! But for now, this post will do. Thanks for the ups! And the 1730 crowd is perfectly correct. I'll explore that in my next six posts.

  2. emmy em emmy em says:

    As always, delightful and entertaining.

  3. Owen Owen says:

    If you write a Boston Ulysses, I will write the first study guide! We will keep the professors busy for 100 years!

  4. Avatar scott says:

    On the outside looking in. But I'm sure it was very funny. 😉

  5. You make me hope that I can find a way to write again. Great piece of writing.

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