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The Passing of Time (and All of It's Sickening Crimes)

Are the television shows and books I read indicative of where my life is currently?
Sounded like a great question as I asked it aloud, alone on my couch, DVR on pause. The latest episode of TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age” awaiting my attention. But I can’t unpause it. Not yet.
Why do I care about the exploits of Joe, Terry and Owen so much? More importantly, why don’t I have friends that I could sit in a diner or hike with regularly? Who cares? I do apparently. Why? I see myself in each of the characters. Joe owns a party store, I used to work retail. Terry is a former commercial actor. I had my flicker of internet fame with “WTF the Podcast” as co-host (what do you mean you’ve never watched it?). And Owen is a salesman, duh! my current profession. The only difference, they’re all approaching the big 5-0. Me, I’m in the final 18 months of my thirties. Who’s counting though? Although I was reminded by my lovely editor, like members of Menudo who hit puberty, I am on borrowed time for this site. Unless I fake my age dear reader! I can’t believe I used a Menudo reference.
Jumpstreet-factoid: I got my nickname because I look younger than I do. Not because of my man crush on Johnny Depp (sigh!).
To pacify my younger sensibilities, I also enjoy watching ABC’s “Happy Endings.” While the title makes me reminisce past experiences, the show focuses on the funnier side of friendship between twenty-somethings. Even after a botched wedding ceremony (runaway bride), these six friends still manage to stay together. Think of it as an updated “Friends.” I’ll admit, I watch it for Elisha Cuthbert, but Damon Wayons Jr. steals the show.
I’m nearly finished reading Nick Hornby’s “Juliet, Naked.” There’s a question some folks my age ask: “Have I wasted my life?” Annie, one of the protagonists, feels she wasted fifteen years of hers. She’s thirty-nine with no kids, has unfulfilling sex with her music nerd of a boyfriend and is stuck in boring job. Duncan, is too obsessed with his favourite musician, Tucker Crowe, to notice Annie’s wants and needs. Tucker Crowe’s just got issues.
Jumpstreet-factoid #2: whenever I read, the voice in my head is in a British accent. I blame the Anglophile in me.
Another novel I finished last year, David Nicholls’ “One Day” is going to be a movie starring Anne Hathaway. It’s one day over twenty years between two friends, Emma and Dexter, and chronicles their lives as they continue to intersect and overtake each other. Do yourself a favor and read it. Thank me later.
So do I believe I wasted my life? Heaven’s no! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t do all the stupid shit I did back then. As long as I’ve stayed out of jail, didn’t overdose and father several children outside of my two (like Tucker Crowe in “Juliet”), I think I’ve done alright for myself.
I like this quote, “We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.” ~Lynn Hall
Jumpstreet-factoid #3: I was in the pit of a Jane’s Addiction concert, pressed up against many sweaty individuals when I felt these hands… never mind.
Take it with a grain of salt when I whine about not hanging with my friends. Life gets in the way and schedules need to be coordinated. While socializing would be nice, I appreciate staying at home with the fam, my books and my telly. Besides, money’s too tight to mention. We are in a recession after all. “Me” time is when I blog for your reading pleasure. Think of it as kind of hanging out when you read my inane ramblings. Now call me and tell me you want to do something this weekend.
Before I unpause my DVR, I figured out another reason why “Men of a Certain Age” is dear to me: I’m battling inner demons (Joe), straightening out my life (Terry) and have father issues (Owen). Eureka!
So here I am, the elder statesman on the 30pov staff–at least no one else has claimed the mantle. I’m believe I’m having a good run. While I’m still in the driver’s seat, I promise to entertain you with my favourite subject: me.
Write what you know, right? And I’ve got some great stories, but to reveal them all would really take away the mystery and legend of Jumpstreet. And there I go referring to myself in the 3rd person… not good.
Admittedly, I reveled in the past but appreciate the present and look forward to what happens next. Shouldn’t we all?

8 responses to “The Passing of Time (and All of It's Sickening Crimes)”

  1. Avatar Auguste Renoir says:

    "Jumpstreet-factoid #2: whenever I read, the voice in my head is in a British accent. I blame the Anglophile in me."-I think that voice is really Simon LeBon.
    Good Stuff. Keep Writing!

  2. You should reveal jumpstreet. Just turn it into a fiction and give your enemies little dicks they'll never sue you for writing about them.

  3. Avatar Emilybb says:

    Great post and that quote by Lynn Hall is great too, comforting but also a little eerie.

  4. Avatar billy/toots says:

    good stuff, keep writing!!

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