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Things I have done. Am doing. For love.

Doing the right thing, no matter how shitty it makes you feel.
2 months ago, I rehomed my geckos.
2 weeks ago, I rehomed a snake.
I just rehomed one of my cats. I have 2 more to rehome.
I’ve always made a point of taking in strays, my reasoning being that they needed me, just as much as I need them.
It’s a responsibility, a duty, and a privilege.
What happens when you can’t provide a home, anymore?
No matter what you’ve done, the things you’ve given up, the time that you’ve invested in having things turn out differently.
How do you like yourself, when you come to the inescapable conclusion that your best simply isn’t going to cut it, and you’re going to have to make some hard decisions?
Worse, when you’ve made quiet promises to them, vowing them warmth, food, a roof over their head, and safety. And love. So much love.
How do you feel about yourself?


…and now?
Knowing that you’ve run out of options, and making the right decisions is a snap, so long as your emotions don’t get involved.
There’s the rub.
Please. Don’t talk to me about how this is going to make me stronger. Or build character, or be somehow painful yet good for me.
I’m doing my best to reassure myself that I have made the right decision, in spite of some extremely difficult choices, and that some things really are best left behind.

One response to “Things I have done. Am doing. For love.”

  1. Jesse Star Jesse Star says:

    Ah Wrecked.
    I know. It's not a "choice" so much as it's a "has to happen" It doesn't mean I have to like it.
    As of this week, all of them have been rehomed. It was a very close thing, and I'm intensely stressed. 2 of them have gone to foster homes. Which beats the shit out of the other options I had left.
    It wasn't something I ever envisoned happening, either. Not ever.
    I had 6 at one point too. Now I have none.

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