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A long, hot summer…

It has been a long hot summer and it isn’t even summer yet in Florida. I really enjoy the sun , but I am not the sun worshipper–my wife is.  Sadly, this summer may be the first time in her life she will not be able to get a really nice tan.  About 1 month ago, she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, a basal like cancer was found.
My summer of love started today.  Chemothearapy.  The word alone sounds scary.  For something that is supposed to be so good, it sure has a lot of downers.  I had never before understood the whole procedure, and now that I do, it just makes me sad.
My wife has always had very stylish hair.  The big C will strip her of that.  That’s one of the many bad things. I would rather focus more on the positives.
This summer, I vow to try and make my wife smile / laugh at least two times a day.  I will clean after myself more often.  I will do the dishes, laundry, buy the groceries, cook more healthy meals, and only have 1 drink instead of 2. (Not that it would make much of a difference I would still be just as good on 1 as I am 2-22; yeah, I’m a light weight…)
I will look her in the eyes double what I already do.  I will tell her I love her 5 times a day (at least) and also make sure she drinks a lot of water, and then more water.  Hopefully, I am strong enough for myself, as well as my wife.
All in all, this will be a long, hot summer.  By the time it’s over, we will be standing in greener pastures with the help of family and friends and a few anonymous friends (angels). We will beat this dreaded disease and become stronger in the end.

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