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Final words on the essence of Saintliness

Contrary to popular thought, the truest of Saints, that is to say those selfless few who yearn only for the progress of mankind, move fleetingly on the killing fields of Revolution; swimming hard, against the shit and the blood, down the seasonal Rivers of Opportunity, towards the delta of Hope, and then out, over the crimson horizon, into the deep blue seas of Freedom.

I have scribed much self-loathing vitriol against the vacuum-wrapped, mass-marketed, largely-vacant global society we now collectively inhabit, but have never really touched upon why, after all of this, I still find myself, in every sense, infected with the sort of overly-optimistic vigour that even the most buzz-word laden Obama/Churchill/Hitler speech, broadcast to the perfect demographic, would feebly struggle to induce.

Simple logic would dictate that a man of my emotional state, reading the things I read, thinking the things I think, and, on the darker weekend nights, doing the things I do, should be penned, like a rabid pit-bull, by the force of several burly psychologists, into the steel-reinforced confines of the Dangerously-Obsessive-Pessimist.

Alas, I do not foam at the mouth, during daylight hours, being thus free to explain myself and my unnatural gift for buoyancy in these dark seas of cultural maelstrom.

I maintain my sanity, without the need for total societal detachment, by bearing in mind one of the very few basic truths – that we, collectively and individually, are able to say ‘No’, before willfully facing the brutal consequences of our actions. And it is this noble trait – one that no amount of marketing, education or insidious bloodshed could ever betray – which will drag us through this tempest of lies and deceit and horrific crimes against the very Soul of Man.

We will survive by the instinct of our ingrained revolutionary streak. Though the well-read political correctness of our age has undoubtedly dulled its blade, it still cuts deep when enough pressure is applied. And the pressure, my friends, is mounting. And will continue to mount, I believe, until a balancing point is reached, where we will see, not anarchy, but a modern equivalent, founded on a super-encrypted technological base; rising like a huge silver rocket into the darkened skies above.

Oscar Wilde once wrote that “disobedience was mans original virtue”. I believe that it will be the Saintly who once again discover the truth of these words, to the benefit of our race.

And what better a way to put an end to my time on 30Pov? To raise a heavy clenched fist to Hope, then slink off into semi-retirement to stockpile an impressive armament of scribbled words, art, drugs and obscure Nordic dub-techno on scratched 12” vinyl…

Keep the faith Brothers/Sisters/‘Vibrations in the Mind of the One True God whose name is Love’


2 responses to “Final words on the essence of Saintliness”

  1. llxt llxt says:

    Great quote, Fent. I can picture it on your tombstone now…
    Thanks for all of your great work here on 30POV. You'll go down in {our} history as a legend, 4 sure. Long live drug-induced protests!

  2. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Well said, Fent. You'll be missed around here.

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