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The Sweetness of Life: Women as Desserts

About five years ago my gal, Jaimie, and I were sitting at Jimmy’s (the neighborhood UChicago bar) discussing Cupcakes. Not the delicious goodies that have become all the rage, rather a certain category of women that I had decided to call Cupcakes. While the word evokes happy, cheery sentiment, it is not really meant as a positive descriptor. Cupcakes are those women who are truly the simplest, sweetest, most naive people you’ll ever meet. Those women you can best describe as “nice” because there is no other adjective that more aptly fits them. Cupcakes should not be perceived as a negative description of a person, either. Rather, when it comes to this certain type of woman what you see is what you get and it isn’t very deep. Perhaps more on Cupcakes in a later post when I’m feeling especially sassy. Jaimie and I then decided that we felt all women embodied some sort of dessert. Females share the common trait of comforting humans in a way nothing else on earth can. However, we each possess certain characteristics that make us preferable some and at certain times. And quite frankly, some that could do away with and not miss in the least.  (please, keep those disgusting fig newtons away from me)

This conversation came up again yesterday over high tea with some of my girlfriends. And their logical next question was “so what are Jaimie and you?”.

Jaimie’s dessert was like second nature to pinpoint. I remember looking over at her and a warm sensation washing over me as I immediately blurted out “You are a Cinnamon Roll”. This beautiful friend of the world is an amazing concoction of slightly crunchy on the outside with a warm, gooey center, riddled with spiciness in a base of buttery sweet. She is the first person I call when the big bad world is a thunderstorm and I want to hide under flannel sheets. She always makes my heart feel warm, just as a Cinnamon Roll makes your tummy warm and feel loved.

As for myself, Jaimie and I glanced at each other and simultaneously said “Chocolate Eclair”. That, too, was simple. Chocolate Eclairs are kind of like the big bosom of desserts. Rich, creamy, decadent, and a little sexy (possibly the phallic design?).

Of course, my lovely tea dates asked what I thought they were. Not one to want to make snap decisions on such an important opinion (ha ha ha ha….my opinion important?), I’ve spent the past day obsessing over what I thought they were. So here it goes…

Debbie is a Brownie. A warm, gooey, fudgey Brownie. Brownies are the ultimate comfort dessert. They embrace your taste buds in a rich, smooth, chocolatey brilliance that is completely agreeable. You feel warmer and safe when Debbie’s around and can always depend on a Brownie to put a smile on your face.

Fiona is and endless bowl of Kheer. The element of Kheer that sets it apart from delicious rice pudding is cardamom. That tiny spice puts Kheer in a league of its own, turning your stomach into a bottomless pit. Seems you can always have more Kheer, just like Fiona. You can always indulge in more of her amazing hugs and infectious laugh.

Kasia is a Pecan Pie. There’s a combination of dense sweetness and nuttiness that immediately melts in your mouth. Upon meeting Kasia it’s apparent that she has an incredibly sweet personality, and if you’re lucky, she reveals her kooky side. Through her nuttiness she can make you laugh during the most abrasive moments of your life, assuring you that it will all be okay. And you believe her.

Meridith is a Lemon Tart. A thick, buttery base, uniquely pressed down by careful fingers, brimming over with a creamy, zesty filling, and topped with a nice, plump blueberry. She has this organic, earthy, and energetic feel to her. When spending time with Meridith, you know you’re getting spoiled by her presence and you can’t help but relish every moment.

No, you probably don’t know these particular women. But I’d imagine that you know some like them. These incredible ladies add immeasurable happiness to my life just like desserts.

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