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Sunday 11th September 2011 – Afternoon Diatribe & Base Level Truths

Good politics is nothing more than tracing the low-level horrors to the high-level games… Pulling at their roots with enough ferocity to bring the Gods in their Heaven tumblin’ down. Then executing them with a professional headshot; Point Blank; a silenced military-issue handgun and zero emotional input… “Taking out the trash, with minimum fuss and maximum effort”… A sequence of words which sound like the heavy mantra of some pseudo-psychologist sports coach, almost Germanic in both their work ethic and sheepish hopes of never again having to mention the war… Don’t mention the fucking war, whatever you do. Not on this day, on this anniversary, when the world around us is so much safer then it would have otherwise been…. A world of fear and suspicion and saturation coverage, at all hours, of every day, for the rest of our fucking lives… But free, at least… And when our time of remembrance is over, the question of Why must surely be asked, for there is no such thing as smoke without fire… It is true to say that we, The People, pay the price for such Freedoms, gained, as they are, in unreal foreign lands…. Collateral Damage, personified… Our inhumanity, in accepting this reality without at least attempting to burn such a diseased political system to the ground, jumping on the scorched skulls of every war-mongering MP until they crack and disintegrate into ash, is the weighty justification behind our current world and the cultural jail cell we will eventually, rightfully, inhabit… Bombs have continued falling, killing all the while, whilst we maintain our strange and unmoving belief in this mockery of a Good vs. Evil, Cowboy/Indian, Spaghetti-Western/Middle-Eastern gun-slingin’ family romp…
“Down with terror, of all persuasions”… This would be a fine and lasting tribute to all those who died on 9/11. And 7/11. And on the imperialistic marches of Terror and Empire, for Queen and Country, and Democracy, and Dollars and Cents, and Pounds and Pence, over every shore of every country these past few thousand years.
And this is the reason I’d struggle to get by in politics at any serious level. What started off as a brief outline of the requirements of a well-versed political campaign has eventually morphed into the sort of Base Truth that the majority of voters, and every single career-politician, would rather not hear at all…
Even for a serial optimist like me, the ongoing silence is painful, damaging and bleak in its implications.
We live in horrific times, People.
Yours faithfully,
The Right Honourable Fent, MP

4 responses to “Sunday 11th September 2011 – Afternoon Diatribe & Base Level Truths”

  1. Avatar Emilybb says:

    Horrific indeed. I get so pissed and depressed when I think about how much daily life has changed in the past ten years, and terrified when I imagine how much more it will change in the next ten.

    • fent11111 fent11111 says:

      Yeah Emily, I’m not too sure what to make of it. Other than the fact that a point will come, most definitely, where the whole thing collapses in on itself… I believe you can only push mankind so far; though I concede some degree farther with sophisticated forms of media and mass-manipulation…
      But even with this type of heavy machinery running at full capitalist-speed, Man will not be slowly suffocated… We are all Animals, and this must surely come to the fore before it’s too late.
      Education is the key, I think…
      So, you heard it here first. It’s all OK. No need for depression. Chin up. Tally ho. Stiff upper lip and all that jazz…

      • Avatar Emilybb says:

        True, but add potential dietary and environmental manipulation to the media manipulation and it is a recipe for a sedated zombie citizenry that does nothing except what it is instructed or allowed to do. I don't know how else to explain obese toddlers, reality tv and the charade we call politics. When the collapse happens, I'm afraid it will be nothing more than an opportunity for "them" to gain even more control – but, I like to look on the bright side and hope you are right!

        • fent11111 fent11111 says:

          I'm sure you're right in thinking that we'll continue walking down this same old path, but I do beleive that the Internet has signalled an age where consciuesness is, for the first time, collective:
          #IfTroyWasWhite http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=#LastWordsToTroy
          The net could be the Saviour. A forum for the amalagamation of all the worlds people… Bill Hicks said, when talking about mushrooms: "what's gonna happen to the arms industry, when we realise we're all one"…
          Mass Media can be the flaming bastion of truth, as well as the rancid carrier of poisonous shit… I guess it just depends on who's shit you buy into…
          Education is the key.

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