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Facts of My Life

I am old, but younger than I’ll ever be again.
I used to like potatoes WAYYY more than I do now (I still like them, but I don’t love them anymore).
I just bought a mid-century house under .5 miles from the ocean (somehow).
I hate 97% of all television, but can’t give up paying for it yet.
I am appalled by 97% of humanity, but that other 3% makes it worth it.
I have never been able to decide it I think reincarnation is for real or not.
I am married to the most amazing man in the world.
I don’t read enough.
I don’t write enough.
I have terrazzo floors in my house!
I think it’s absurd that I don’t eat wheat products, but feel much better than when I did.
I wish I hadn’t let my nose piercing close up, but I’m not sure I want to have it done again.
I look more like my mom in pictures than when I look in the mirror.
I’m appreciative to have it, but I think my current job has done a number on my attitude – and is making me fat.
I don’t think regrets are that bad, as long as you only have 1 or 2.
I’m getting the urge to cut my hair.
I think the increasing rates of cancer in dogs and cats is related to all the waves of crap flying through the air and we will find ourselves with the same statistics in a few years.
I can’t wait to see the George Harrison documentary in October.
I love tennis.
I love Tigers baseball.
I love my husband.
I’ve never really been a lucky winner, but I am a lucky person.

3 responses to “Facts of My Life”

  1. llxt llxt says:

    Interesting concept…loving someone as factual. I've never thought of emotions as facts…for aren't they ever-changing? At least malleable?

    • llxt llxt says:

      <Replying to Myself!>
      I always taught my students in school that a "fact" is something that can be proven. How *do* we prove emotions, anyway?
      (I think that's where I was going with my above comment…just didn't get there. ha ha.)

      • Avatar Emilybb says:

        Interesting, thought.
        I view emotions as kind of the "facts" of the psyche. Don't we "prove" our emotions everyday? Whether it is an emotional blowout or a kind deed, don't emotions usually make themselves known – often at the wrong time. We prove our love, hate, indifference, etc. every moment of our lives.
        The weather is ever-changing, but still a fact.

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