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Green is the New Pink

Ten plus years ago there was a catch phrase that you could not go a day without hearing about 1200 times: politically correct. The concept was a sound one: addressing people in a way that is culturally respectful and in no way offensive to them personally. It’s a noble concept, but much like these other buzz words and phrases that pop up every decade or so, the concept was trivialized by people who either lashed out against the idea outright, or used it to ridiculous degrees. It became a mockery of itself, and to this day if someone uses the term “politically correct” it’s usually in jest.

Which brings me to green ethics… A sound concept, but much like the aforementioned politically correct, it’s really just a fad. While noble, causes like this that give themselves catch phrases only handicap themselves, and open themselves up for revolts and parody. Why can’t we just take steps to try and be a little nicer to our environment? We do have to live here long term. Ultimately though, green ethics reminds me of something I was reading about the other day in the irreverently witty “Stuff White People Like” by Christian Lander, and that is “awareness.” The following is a quote from the book:

“An interesting fact about white people is that they firmly believe all of the world’s problems can be solved through ‘awareness’– meaning the process of making other people aware of problems, magically causing someone else, like the government, to fix it.
This belief allows them to feel that sweet self-satisfaction without actually having to solve anything or face any difficult challenges, because the only challenge of raising awareness is getting the attention of people who are currently unaware.”

And that is green ethics in a nutshell. If you want to soften humanity’s footprint on the environment, just do it, and stop trying to make people aware of it. Lead by example, and let the world follow.

6 responses to “Green is the New Pink”

  1. Avatar lee lee says:

    Free Your Mind…Don’t Be So Shallow

    but i question your logic… for instance, green hasn’t yet replaced pink in my life. AND, more importantly (?), i’m a white person, as they say, and i don’t like any of the stuff “whit people like.” GAWD.

    seriously, though. i like what you’re saying. just take steps and leave the “theory” alone. kinda goes with my belief that myethics are NOYB anyway.

  2. Avatar Eric Benson says:

    Maybe I missed the point, but if green ethics has much to do with this, I missed the point… You are saying that the word “green ethics” will become nothing more than the already ruined “politically correct?” And that we should take charge and commit acts of green(ness?) instead of sitting on our couches having no difficulties. Well I say nay, I mean…in the greenest sense. To take charge means to spread awareness. Where’s this pink anyways? Green is green and pink is a mix of red and white. What does one do to be more green?

  3. I’m with you, Mattatonic. [At least, I think I am.] As the great Yoda taught us nearly 30 years ago, long before anyone was environmentally conscious to the degree we are today — “Do or do not (there is no try)”. Sure it’s applicable to countless issues in our world, but lest we forget Yoda was green. [Coincidence? No way.] Making others “aware” can, and in my opinion should, be accomplished by doing yourself; lead by example. Far too many people talk a big game, but do little to back it up.

  4. Avatar Jordan says:

    I have to agree with you as well. I have a couple friends that preach green and sit around playing video games all day. They do nothing to achieve their goal but read about and talk about it constantly. If people are going to spend the time preaching about going green they might as well spend the time going green as well. I do have to say though I don’t think going green is a fad. We cant really let it become one. As someone who is “not so green” I do understand that soon I will have to give up the luxury of apathy and join in fixing our world.

  5. Avatar Jordan Skinner says:

    This post after reading made me think immediately of those pink hat Red Sox fans who I hate because they give real hardcore fans like me a bad name. It’s just a fad to them. Alright back on topic. I agree that instead of having people getting other to be aware of a problem, how about you got out and try solving the issue yourself. Its almost seems like your trying to make everyone else aware in hopes they will go out and do something about it, so you don’t have to go out and do it yourself. People who go out do this are lazy and want other people to make them feel good about themselves because they are trying to raise “awareness”. They are trying to make you aware they care about an issue but your actions solving the issue will do all the talking for you.

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