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Beyond the Consumption of Politics: How to Live an Organic Life

Me, enjoying all of life.Many lifetimes prior to the one in which I write this article, I used to consider myself an anarchist. Not just any anarchist, but a green anarchist. In those days, all my internal strife found a perfect outlet: The State. The state represented all that I thought was wrong with the world and with my own life.

Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything. I’ll write that again so you can let it sink in a little deeper. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything. Ok, one more time, to allow your brain cells to wrap around the idea and get more comfortable with it:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything. There are no troubles. There is nothing you can ever do that will make you ok.


Dr. Hyatt

One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt, once said, “The world has no troubles. The trouble is you. The trouble is your brain. It’s not your fault, it’s a design issue.”

Now, I know that the quote up there will rub some of you all kinds of ways. I look forward to fielding your questions and comments about it. If you have any troubles you can’t seem to escape from, drop over to my site and purchase Escape Planning, Radical Undoing, and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Consultations. We can take your seemingly real troubles and turn them into fuel for living the life of your dreams.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard a deer or squirrel complain? Yeah, I know that squirrels make funny noises, but have you ever heard one sit and bitch to the other squirrels about how tough life is for them? Have you ever heard a three-legged deer complain about the loss of its leg?

Animals take action and live their lives, no matter what circumstances surround them.

There is no point buying green. There is no point worrying about the end of the world. There is absolutely no point in paying attention to politics. There is no point doing anything but living a life full of great joy, love, adventure, and creativity. These are the elements of an organic life.

An organic life does not demand or expect you to care about green choices, green politics, or green businesses. The word “Green” is nothing more than a dynamite marketing tactic. All a marketer must do to succeed is to identify deep and common fears. Then, the marketer offers to relieve some of your fear by creating an opportunity for you to take action so you feel like you have done something. By attaching the word “green” to products, services, and activities, marketers have set the stage for you to get rid of some of your guilt and fear by taking action.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, and I cheer on the marketers who make millions on “greening” everything.

I bet that some of you think that I do not care at all about the destruction of the natural world. Well, you are wrong. I do care, just not in the ways marketers and politicians want me to care. I care about you as a dynamic and organic life form on this beautiful planet. I care that you begin to recognize your true role here as a human-animal. I care that you break free from the eco-anxiety the television has attempted to infect you with.


If you care at all for politics, this is like the hole you have fallen in. Either close the lid, forget about it, and vote to your heart’s content, or climb out. See my blog for tools.
An organic life begins by recognizing that you are the most important person in your life. From there, just infuse everything with joy. Bring joy to every single experience you have. Remember that you are an integral part of nature, and that you and everything else are nature. Do not believe the liberals, conservatives, communists, socialists, or anarchists. Let them whine themselves to death.

To live an organic life:

1. You are nature. You have a right to exist. You are the most important person in your life.
2. Fill yourself with a deep joy. Remember to enjoy even your miseries, because you never know, it might be the only time you get to have such an experience. The more joy you bring to your miseries, the more power you gain over time. Infuse every situation you enter with Joy. Be deliberate about how you administer the ambience around you.
3. Love yourself deeply. Love everything about you. Love even those parts of you that you may not have liked in the past. Accept and love yourself as a whole. Then, you can begin to understand what love means, and how it might be possible to share with others.
4. Seek out and create situations and experiences in which you do not know what the outcome will be. This is one meaning of adventure, not knowing the outcome ahead of time. This can include sky diving and rock climbing, as well as talking to a new beautiful person or taking a trip to a new place.
5. Create something new at least once a day. Create things every chance you get. If you have any spare time, fill it with creations of your very own. Try new art forms. Write poems. Create anything. What you create does not matter at all. The process of creation is what I am getting at.

Get out of your own head. Abandon all ideas you have had about yourself. This article is your license on a whole new life. This article forgives you of all of your sins. This article gives you permission to stop caring about all the garbage everyone else thinks you should care about. Now you can care about you, about living with joy, about seeking beauty everywhere, and about living an awesome organic life.

This does not mean that you will not get angry, depressed, upset, frustrated, or confused. What it does mean is that now you have the choice and the permission to infuse those situations with joy. You have the choice to administer the ambience around you in any way you choose. Will you fill your life with joy?

If there is anything you think I should care about that I have missed, I don’t care. Enjoy yourself anyway.

Love, Wildness, Chaos, and Joy……

Enjoy Everything! I love you all, especially the haters….;)

-Garrett Daun of Escape Plans Unlimited and Creative Deconstruction

3 responses to “Beyond the Consumption of Politics: How to Live an Organic Life”

  1. Avatar Jared says:

    The synchronicity of this article is amazing. Energy is high these days. Be thankful and remember everything is OK!

  2. Avatar lee lee says:

    some great advice in here, especially about enjoying the misery. i’ve gotten as far as living in the moment, but i don’t know if i’ve enjoyed the moment. will think/try this. today’s a good day for it.

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