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Practice Makes Perfect

Girls spend A LOT of time thinking about kissing. First, it’s the peck. It’s innocent and easy to give and receive.  After you cross that off your list things get a little more complicated.
For a little while you wonder why grown-ups spend so much time with their faces smashed together. Then, you start hearing about the infamous French Kiss – also known as ‘frenching’ it is the epitome of being a grownup, at least in your juvenile mind.
Some girls practice on their arms, hands or friends. You daydream about when, where and with who it will FINALLY happen with. You daydream about frenching celebrity crushes and the cute boy in math class. You fear it will be gross and you won’t know what to do.
Worse yet, you fear it will never happen to you.
Then it happens – not to you, but a friend – the popular, pretty friend. Hell, maybe she just made it all up get even more popular. It doesn’t matter because you want to know every last detail – and then some more.
How long did it last?
Did he have bad breath?
How did you breathe?
Did you swallow?
Was it slobbery?
Did he feel you up?
And of course, was it gross?
If you were lucky, you would be the next one to experience your first “real” kiss. Like  many things, the anticipation was more exciting and the daydreams were dreamier.
How long did I have to wait?
You’ll never know – I don’t kiss and tell. Let’s just say that I have A LOT of experience daydreaming.

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Emily Billings is a freelance writer and reluctant marketing director living in South Florida. She doesn't like liars, fakes or phoneys but loves cheese. She spends most of her time at the beach either being lazy or participating in beachy activities like body-boarding and snorkeling. She also enjoys hitting lobs or high backhands that her husband can't return on the tennis court. After a long day, there isn't anything Emily enjoys more than spending time with her husband and cats hypothesizing about the collapse of modern civilization and planning their survival.

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