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Love in a Meat Market

I’m of a belief that romantic activity is meant to be private. This isn’t out of some degree of prudishness or anything. I’m not offended by what other people might discuss of their private lives or their sex lives or whatever, that’s their prerogative. Just don’t expect me to join in.
I can’t help but be confronted by this when I see all of these ridiculous “dating” reality shows, such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I feel bad for the people who actually believe that a) this is how dating should work and b) that these ridiculous cattle calls lead to functional and/or successful relationships.
Most of these shows have no actual connection to reality. They generally feature pretty people who are probably screened by the show’s producers for “interesting personalities,” also known as the ability to generate drama and bullshit.
These shows lead to sham relationships, which the networks are very quiet about when they break up a few months later. Even the most scorned people in each run of the show are named the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. It’s like a feeder system.
I don’t actually know anyone who watches these shows, and I wonder if any percentage of the audience watches them ironically, completely aware that they are ridiculous and setting bad precedents for anyone who thinks of them as legitimate.
If you watch these shows and don’t share that above opinion, you might be what is wrong with this country.

4 responses to “Love in a Meat Market”

  1. Avatar Emilybb says:

    Sadly, I think many actually put stock in these shows with the "contest" shows being more "real" for viewers.

  2. Avatar The Tailor says:

    Pathetic, but understandable.

  3. Jason Jason says:

    If producers picked quality human beings for these shows, they would last 20 minutes, and no one would care. These are living embodiment of car wrecks. Lots of people just like to look. Passes the time, I guess (shuddering). Nice piece.

  4. Owen Owen says:

    I've watched The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Strange shows. Absolutely nothing that occurs on screen is real. The people don't act like real people, the situations don't unfold like real situations, the editing is obvious and intrusive. The entire concept of the shows immediately negates any opportunity for reality.
    And yet many, many people watch and are entertained, which means they must believe at some level that there is some reality occuring in front of their eyes. This boggles the mind. It's not just that this kind of show could ever lead to a real-life relationship, it's that people don't act like these people act.
    I will never get it.

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