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Still Kiss

My hand fumbles across the ignition
Trembling slightly-
Inhale as the engine turns over
Pistons violently shaking to life
my foot wages war with the accelerator
and I’m dodging Hondas like raindrops
While red lights dare me to fight them
White lines of the road blur, and curl around me
Wrapping my limbs and pulling taut, dragging me faster
And on my mind
is the scent
of your neck
after you’ve showered.
With your hair still damp against my cheek and lavender swirling through my senses.
Those lines that drag me connect the dots of those silent moments of you
They tighten and constrict, my breath is short
I grasp your image firmly in my hand and offer no resistance.
Memories hum past my ears and whisper their intenet
Again I see you           On a rainy day
Dashing for the shelter of a leaky strip mall roof
and laughing as I pull you close    your eyes
dance in the light of a neon store sign
warm breath drifts slowly in the frigid air
And draws me closer to your lips.
Your wet hand cradles my cold cheek gently
and guides        my mouth          to yours
A sharp turn and these lines shake my vision blurry and pulls me
I float to a halt and my body is tethered
to this faraway corner of my mind
I visit often
dark shapes and images come into focus
Slowly I claw towards the soft light of the forty watt bulb
that lights the table by your bed
This final image floods my mind with the purest intent     and    I    remember
that pale illumination casts our shadows like giants dancing on your bedroom wall
and your skin glows a warm shade of apricot
and feels to my touch as soft as any rose petals
I could be lost forever in the falls of your dark hair
rushing down your shoulders
Your sigh as my hands travel the tender curves of your back
I turn you and pull you close to me
skin pressed together so tightly
the heat from your body cuts through me
and no sex compares to our simple embrace
I devour the scent of your neck and that soft flesh beneath your ear
your breath hits my shoulder like
your fingers tighten across my back, urging me forward
I follow     the line      of your jaw       to your chin      and then your lips
Your mouth     is       deep      and dark        and hot
your sudden inhales pulls me into it
the sensation of your soft, damp mouth on mine sends a shudder of warmth
I cannot escape, or stop, or cease, or release, or even breath
With you                       Right now
wrapped around you   around me   in knots
And these lines slink away to leave me to lie in you, in us
And I’m

3 responses to “Still Kiss”

  1. Avatar GoD says:

    Um, hi… I was looking for Wrecked-um… if you see him tell him he forgot the blood and gore and fart jokes and mysogeny and porn and piss and shit and stuff like that. Ok? Thanks a lot. Now go away and find Wrecked-um for me, you tender loving douche!

  2. Avatar Emilybb says:

    Impressive, very sweet and intimate.

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