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No Escape From Reality….

Okay, so I stole the title from the infamous Queen song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  Do we truly have no escape from reality?  Travel agencies, books, movies, even coffee and bubble bath all try to promote the concept of escape.  The world is a harsh place at times, and daily life gets to everyone at some point.  Perhaps reality is ever present, but it soothes our minds to at least think we can escape it for awhile.

Often I hear “I need a vacation” from someone.  As life becomes busier, more overwhelming, and increasingly complicated, the more we need an escape from it.  This is how the entertainment industry thrives.  It needs our overly stimulated lives to exist.  Why do you think romance novels are so popular?  It is because people need to remove themselves from their often mundane world to one of romance and passion.  Why do coffee ads promote a sense of being at a European café?  People want that feeling, even if it is just for a moment.  There are thousands upon thousands of products that are geared towards helping us escape.  When I first thought about escape, and what it meant to me, I kept thinking that there is no escape.  That essentially, we are just avoiding reality by trying to escape.  But, after further reflection on the topic, I realized that escape is a good thing when used properly.  You cannot escape life’s problems, but escaping into your own world once in awhile is what refreshes us so that we have the strength to continue on in this crazy world.

I do not have the luxury of being able to vacation when I need to “escape.”  Instead, I have to find ways that are both enjoyable and cost-effective.  It has been years since I took a vacation that was solely a vacation, and even that started out with a bowling tournament (I bowl semi-competitively).  One may think that being away for a week at a bowling tournament is the same thing as a vacation, but it is not.  You spend the entire time concerned over your performance on the lanes that you often forget to relax and enjoy yourself.  That is why I have to find alternatives to vacationing.

My escape is generally in the form of blogging, listening to music, or reading.  Blogging allows me to vent about all the things that bother me, but also I am able to blog about things that interest me, like the paranormal and history.  Music is my savior, as it allows me to express my emotions without saying anything.  Whether I am doing a mundane task like washing dishes or driving to work, music allows me to escape the moment and focus solely on the lyrics and sounds that I hear.  Reading is by far my favorite way to escape.  In some ways when I read, I am taking a mini-vacation because I struggle with not finishing a book that I started all in one sitting.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I stay up all night just to finish it.  I become so involved in what is going on, that whatever is on my mind disappears.

I think that if I did not have these few “escapes,” I would never get any of the important things done (like paying bills, running errands, or cleaning).  Reality is always lurking, so it is important not to “escape” for too long.  However, enjoying at least one moment a day can have profound effects on how you handle the stress in your life.

2 responses to “No Escape From Reality….”

  1. emmyem7 emmyem7 says:

    Nor is visiting family or “going home for Christmas” a vacation.

  2. Avatar lee lee says:

    reading used to be my escape, but then i realized that i was spending more time in bed reading then i was doing anything else. i think they call that “depression” not escape…

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