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Who needs to escape, anyway?

Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about what to write on this first entry to this new blog place.  I don’t even know if I’m writing in the right spot!  But, as I thought and thought about how to humorously, or some other way, entertainingly talk about the topic at hand, without actually saying the topic, well, it got to be too complicated, I thought, and not to mention, not me.  This is my first post, and I would like to gain readers, so I thought, I’ll just be myself right now, and later, I can write different styles or whatever.  I have no idea how this thing is going to go, which to me, makes it just what I’m supposed to be writing about, an escape.  I have always considered writing a type of escape for me.  When I write, it is a way to get everything that’s a big jumble in my head out on paper and make it make sense, at least some what.  I consider something that I don’t know where it is going, what to expect, those are escapes.  I love to read, get really involved with the characters, try to predict what they will do next.  I know it is a well written book when I am unable to predict the moves, but it still makes sense with the character’s personality, and the plot.  Sometimes I like to do something I call “veg” and that’s different from escape.  That’s just letting my brain rest, or work on it’s own, I guess.  I like to do some sort of wind down before going to sleep.

I’ve been thinking about this topic since it was mentioned to me, and I thought, oh, if only I really could!  Escape, my life, that is.  Then I started to really think about my life, my daily routine, and then I realized that I really do love my life.  I love the fact that I can get up at any time, and I never have to be anywhere at any particular time, but if I feel like it, I can just hop in the car and go somewhere, the store or whatever.  Granted, I have to take my three children with me, but they love shopping just as much as I do, and they even love window shopping just as much as I do.  In fact, sometimes I think the two older girls like it even more.  They love to try on clothes and shoes they know we aren’t going to buy.

So, my days start at a different time every morning.  Who ever wakes up first, wakes up Mommy, unless it’s me that wakes up first, which does happen on occasion, in which case, I don’t wake any one up!  I enjoy that quiet morning time.  When school gets back into session later this month, I will get into a better early morning routine, maybe even work out at that time!

In the end, I think that this was an excellent topic for me to reflect upon because I realized that I really don’t have a need to escape because I am already living a laid back, do what I want when I want, life!

That is, when I’m not cleaning the house, the dishes, washing clothes, feeding the children, keeping them busy, and all the other things a mom does!

2 responses to “Who needs to escape, anyway?”

  1. Avatar lee lee says:

    it’s an interesting concept: to not need to escape. but i sometimes wonder if mothers–even parents in general–but *especially* mothers–don’t feel guilty when they need to escape, and, thus, rationalize it away into the crevices of their minds (e.g. tell themselves they don’t need it, after all).

  2. Lindi Lindi says:

    Your post makes me feel guilty about mine (yet unposted). I write about being a stay at home mom and how I desperately need an escape! haha. 🙂

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