February 24, 2011

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30POV is always looking for talented writers.  We take regular submissions on a monthly or quarterly (3-4 posts a year) basis.  If you have a unique viewpoint, let us know about it by emailing the editor at

Additionally, we welcome guest submissions to supplement regular writers, especially on those months with 31 days. To submit a piece, choose a month/theme from the list below, write something, and submit it on the last day of the prior month. Please read the guidelines below before submitting.

Upcoming Themes:

  • November 2011 ~ Letter to the Editor
  • December 2011 ~ Mommy Dearest
  • January 2012 ~ Nonsense

Down & Dirty:

  • Monthly Themes are meant more as writing prompts then boxes to get in and then close the lid over your head so that no one ever sees you again.
  • Write in any style, as long as its yours.
  • We publish non-fiction, fiction, commentary, humor, comic strips and poetry (when we can get it!). We are also interested in expanding our article formats, particularly into the world of graphic design and/or media-centric responses.
  • There are no length restrictions or requirements. If you sustain it, they will read.
  • Accompanying photographs or illustrations are encouraged, but submissions will be judged on the primary content.
  • If you don’t submit anything, your work probably won’t get published.
  • There’s no age restriction for writers of this blog (!), and our audience covers a wide demographic range.  If you need a {specific} purpose in mind, aim to sound like the Best Version of Yourself there is!

Boring, but Necessary:

Articles should be typed in Microsoft Word, submitted as an attachment and emailed to Please entitle your work and make it clear which month/theme you are submitting for.  Include the following with your submission: name, age, year of birth, desired username for the site.

By submitting your work, you grant exclusive one-time rights to publish your work as a guest contributor. There is no monetary compensation offered or implied for these submissions, nor do we guarantee that your work will be selected or published. If you submit images, they should be emailed as attachments in high-resolution, jpg format.

Once your article is chosen, you’ll be notified and asked to submit a short bio and a pic to go with it. You’ll be given ample notice as to a posting date. We don’t guarantee an emailed response to those whose submissions aren’t chosen.

Handling Your Fame: is a creative, collaborative blog’zine that depends on quality writing, word-of-mouth & social media marketing, and sustained dialogs to maintain its presence, widen its audience and—eventually—dominate the webosphere/world. All writers, whether guests or regular contributors, are expected to edit, market & maintain their own work.

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