One Shoe

June 25, 2011

Julia chose from things she could say out loud in front of her mother. She thought. “I like to draw,” she said. “I like to read, watch T.V. I like to work out and run.” Julia did not say, “I like to smoke tobacco and weed. I like to roll them myself, light them with a kitchen match. “ She did not say, “I like to be alone in my house with my dog. I like when the phone doesn’t ring.” She did not say, “I like to fuck my exes.”

Best Of 30POV: Sara With No H

May 1, 2011

We start our BESTIES off with the writer who started us off for so many months, ATav. Her posts were always surprising (in a good way…) and always loved, even if we didn’t like how high the of a bar they set.

Sara With No H

June 1, 2010

Of all the dumb things I’ll do today, here are two:
One— Admit that I can’t remember the last name of the first girl I put my fingers inside.
Two—Decide to write a poem about it.

Re: sunday night

April 1, 2010

I like being alone with this music, with the refrigerator and the big TV. It’s ugly music, but I identify. When I walk through my house, I feel like I’m in a horror film. I keep the lights off, except for in the den. I like the excitement of every turn I take possibly being my last.

February 3, 2010

March 1, 2010

Now, both of my grandfathers played huge parts in my life. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know how to ride a bike, or swim, or appreciate the loony, racist humor of the Peter Sellers version of The Pink Panther. If it wasn’t for them, I never would have known the rough, musky scent of Old Spice. But I don’t know if this is a commentary on men from that generation’s connection with girl children, or girl grandchildren, or if it was just that we all knew they’d die eventually…

My Loose Thread Over Erin Scarum, but Definitely Not “Normal” Over “Straight”

February 1, 2010

Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” almost always makes someone you know, someone who may or may not be writing this, cry every fucking time, and not necessarily in a good way, and he or she thinks this may not be the true intention of said song

Big Surprise: Popular Fiction Still Sucks, or Jodi Picoult Can Eat a Dick

January 1, 2010

…in all of its 389 pages, there was not one likable character in this piece of shit. Everyone from the parents, to the teachers, to the cops and attorneys, there was not one redeeming—or original!—trait to be found. Not one! In all those pages! How was this possible?
And one other thing. How was it possible that I was unable to put this book down, compelled by all of its fictional atrocities?

Rollin' Down the Street, Smokin' Indo With Little Miss Grab-and-Pull: Laid Back With Elizabeth Lambert

December 1, 2009

But this line of argument is so played. Everyone knows that women are—will always be—treated differently, especially women that display aggression and remorselessness.

Seven Deadly Sins Committed Before 11:00 a.m., Devil Rejoices

November 1, 2009

I anticipate, and will appreciate, your utmost confidence, for this is something I’ve never shared with anyone: I own three—three!—Otep albums. For those of you unfamiliar with Otep, I’ll delight in your ignorance, but for those of you wagging your fingers at your monitors and laughing like hyenas, I blush in your general direction. For […]

Boom, Boom, Pow, or How Maggie Almost Got Hers

October 1, 2009

…the Maggie I had known for years—her dry wit, her sarcasm, her really big vocabulary I was always impressed by—and left this lifeless being that still used her voice. I don’t think there’s a word for this. Maybe eviscerated. Maybe zombified.
And then on a Friday night, a couple days after New Year’s, she called me and said, “I need your help. I’m going to blow up Bert’s car.”

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