The facts are only half the story

September 13, 2011

Dating an Atheist has proven to be one of the most interesting – and at times , frustrating – situations of delivering “just the facts”. I have Christian beliefs, dating a man whose family is Jewish, and he himself is a devout Atheist. Talk about your stories of clashes of belief systems. His belief in […]

… through the bottom of their empty glasses

April 24, 2010

I admit, it took a while to admit the fact – but I think I’m intoxicated, and addicited – truely addicted – to the idea of being in love. That Disney version of Prince Charming coming to sweep me off my feet. I know what I felt for these man, and others, has been a deep connection – and love would be the assumable word – but was it? Or, was I in love with the idea of who these men could be? What I could be for them – and where things could lead?

Why not Her-story?

March 24, 2010

Do Presidents run the country, or do their wives? What man do you know that has the ability to say no to their wives when they pull the “Honey, did you like that? Hmm… I know you did…Do “x” tomorrow, and you never get that again!”

The Complications of being Canadian

February 24, 2010

The biggest problem is that Canadians don’t define themselves by who we are – we define ourselves by who we are not. We are not American – we are Canadian…. but really – we don’t know what we mean by that. (I even tried to google and bing answers… and no one had a good definition! So, here is my attempt google and bing! PICK ME!!)

Awakening. . . The sleeping giant tells me its time to wake up

January 24, 2010

I had an awakening… but to tell you about it – I’m going to have to walk you through the excise that go me there. A cute pigtailed kid (yup…still hair obsessed 😉 ) sitting in class, eight years old was told to work on her Social Studies project. The project, to the teacher, seem […]

Stay Tuned Next Season: Tee's Life

December 24, 2009

So, having known my post was going to go up Christmas eve, I’ve been contemplating what to write… at first it was the season finale of a relationship – how to deal, cope, blah blah blah… then I thought about my dating life, and realized that sometimes you need a Series Finale, not just a […]

The Deadly Sins of Dating

November 24, 2009

I rant, I rave, I loose my mind… and yet there doesn’t seem to be a good enough rule code for people and dating – So, I’m pleading with God… can we please “update” our list of deadly sins to have a category that might include: The Dating Sins of the 21st Century – especially […]

A Bull… A Forest… And me…

October 24, 2009

asked my friend, “Aren’t the cows in this part of the field?” But she assured me that they were kept on a different part of the farm, and that the biggest thing that would scare me here was a bunny rabbit. “What? Are you a scaredy cat???” If I was, I couldn’t be part of the “gang.” For me, that was enough to shut me up; I wanted to be cool.

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